Zikr1 ring, World’s First Tasbih Counter with Rich Features.

February 06 13:44 2023
Zikr1 ring, World’s First Tasbih Counter with Rich Features.
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Zikr1 is a smart, spiritual and inspiring wearable. It is the first tasbih counter ring in the world with an OLED display to give you accurate 5 prayer times notifications and solve your problem of counting tasbeeh at every time. Zikr1 is also the first tasbih counter in the world to have a very large capacity battery that can be used for up to 3 days (depending on usage). Also, it is made of high-end alloy material and waterproof IP68. You can choose your favorite color and size by yourself.

Zikr1 ring is an elegant, stylish and one of the most advanced prayer counter rings in the world. The Zikr1 ring is a unique piece that is inspired by Islamic tradition, famous Tasbeeh prayer beads and the latest technologies. Zikr1 ring features 5 prayer times notifications, an OLED display with large capacity battery allowing you to pray at any moment; its IP68 waterproof allows you to wear it while washing your hands or doing other activities that are likely to make your finger wet. The aluminum alloy material used in the manufacturing of the Zikr1 ring allows it to be light but strong enough to last long.

Zikr1 is a high-end ring with a digital alarm clock that features 5 prayer times notifications, OLED display, IP68 waterproof, high-end alloy material, and choose your ring size. The Zikr1 ring has a tasbih counter that counts the number of times you are saying Allahu Akbar or SubhanAllah as you are doing dhikr. Also, the Zikr1 has an OLED display that shows the current date and time in addition to the counter feature. The Zikr1 ring can store up to 99 numbers in its memory while it also comes with a large capacity battery which increases the duration of wearing this elegant ring.

“Zikr1 ring reminds people who already know how to pray but may at times forget or get distracted. This Zikr1 ring will also help them stay focused in prayer as they will not have their minds drifting elsewhere because they are thinking about when their next prayer will be or debating whether or not they have prayed yet for the day,” said a company representative.

In addition, the Zikr1 smart ring is made of high-end alloy material, has a smart alarm clock and has been tested for IP68 waterproofing. We recommend you to use this ring when doing wudu or ghusl due to its waterproof functionality. For more information, please visit https://www.iqibla.com/pages/zikr-2022.

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