AGRITECH and Telfort are collaborating to Reconstruct Haiti with renewable and sustainable energy sources.

March 03 22:15 2023
Telfort and AGRITECH are building a new Haiti with Bio Diesel, Hydrogen Power, Utility tokens, and Smart Farming.

AGRITECH’s project in Thailand has been established under the collaboration of Mr. Alexander Telfort Fils, the President of AYITI2054 Political Party, and AGRITECH. Mr. Alexander Telfort Fils chose AGRITECH to give expert advice on Energy Infrastructure and Agriculture. Mr. Telfort believes in AGRITECH’s passion, knowledge, and clear vision to support HAITI. 

Robert Ramos, the Project Owner at AGRITECH, states, “It is a big challenge for us to comprehend the situation fully faced by Haiti and Haitian people. But a different and new route has to be taken to help and support Haiti, where everyone is moving towards the same goal. To successfully fulfill our goal, we need the support and participation from the community.”

Telfort’s Plans for Haiti

$8.5B has been successfully secured through conditional funding by AGRITECH for reconstructing Haiti. Mr. Telfort expressed that the funding will be disbursed to rebuild his vision for Haiti. The funding will be used to produce 900 mw which will bring sustainable sources of energy to the whole country through a cleaner renewable energy source. 

Making a Greener Haiti

One solution to this change is to use Bio-Diesel fuel to run new and modernized facilities. Haiti agriculture can produce feedstock by running their facility on Bio-Diesel fuel. The biowaste generated through this feedstock can be utilized when it is transferred to an energy facility, making the solution completely ‘Green’ and environment friendly. 

Generating Blue Energy

The second solution is to consider Hydrogen Power which utilizes Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), also considered ‘Blue Energy,’ as feedstock. LNG is used throughout CARICOM Member Nations and is the most flexible option available. Fuel Cells are generated from Hydrogen waste and can be used to power generators throughout the region. Haiti will become less dependent on foreign feedstock if it considers Hydrogen as a solution, and it will be fully ‘Green’ and sustain on its own to create energy if it considers a Biofuel solution. 

Expanding Port-Au-Prince 

Mr. Telfort plans to modernize and expand Port-Au-Prince as well. The sustainable operations and expansion of the Port will enable the region to trade globally and regionally. The improvement in the Port’s facilities and infrastructure will create long-term high-paying employment and promote a whole generation of skilled workers. 

Building Farmer’s Community with Smart Farming

The Reconstruction Plan of Mr. Telfort with AGRITECH will aggressively grow the region’s agricultural sector by utilizing Smart Farming to support and expand Fish Livestock and Production. This will allow Haiti to become self-sufficient in the long run. AGRITECH’s Traceability and Peer to Peer technology will encourage Haiti farmers to produce high-quality products for the domestic and global marketplace. 

AGRITECH’s Token Technology

AGRITECH has launched its Utility Token, AGT, on CEX CoinW, which will help generate revenue and benefit token holders with profit sharing from the revenues. With Mr. Telfort’s vision and AGRITECH’s excellent technology, Haiti will become the pride of the Caribbean. 

The company can be contacted via the details provided below for further information. 

Media Contact
Company Name: AGRITECH
Contact Person: Robert Ramos
Email: Send Email
Phone: +66647733855
Country: Thailand

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