Donsense Smart Offering a Wide Range of Smart Cards, as well as Plastic Card and Key Tag Combos

March 06 08:38 2023
Donsense Smart is introducing its combos of plastic cards and key tags for any application, along with custom-printed smart cards, including personalized NFC and RFID card solutions.

Established in the year 2005, Donsense Smart is a leading manufacturer and provider of smart cards, plastic cards, and custom RFID products. The manufacturer offers everything ranging from ID cards and contact smart cards to hotel key cards, proximity cards, and access control cards. Utilizing the latest smart card and tag manufacturing equipment, Donsense Smart is capable of handling jobs of all sizes, from a few hundred to several million pieces. The manufacturer introduces its entire range of products in the U.S., U.K., EU, and worldwide.

At the latest meeting of industry leaders, the spokesperson of Donsense Smart revealed, “We now offer several types of smart cards or chip cards that are classified according to the way of card reading and writing, chip type, and function. Our chip cards are highly customisable and can store a variety of data. The cards are typically constructed with an IC chip embedded inside a plastic membership or ID card. They can use direct insertion or short-range wireless communication technology (such as RFID and NFC) for their functioning.”

For customers wanting to buy NFC cards, Donsense Smart offers smart cards that can even be programmed to auto-top after reaching a certain threshold, allowing for multiple transactions in one go. This makes the card extremely useful for streamlining processes and increasing efficiency in various industries. Such a card offers many possibilities in terms of security, convenience, and flexibility. Digital data stored within it is protected by several layers of encryption, so it cannot be replicated or manipulated without proper authorization.

The spokesperson further informed, “It is time for the organisations to upgrade with our smart ID card that comes with an RFID chip. This allows for stronger security measures for authentication processes. We have PVC cards, scratch cards, custom-shaped cards, and card and key tag combo solutions, which can help our client’s security system in no time, while still being customisable with our variety of colours available on every type. Our chip printing service allows our clients to choose from a plethora of options suitable to their style.”

Donsense Smart lets its clients order ID card with chip that carries a unique design to suit the needs of their organisation. The manufacturer ensures the quality and efficiency of its printing solutions, without compromising on speed or cost-effectiveness. With Donsense Smart, professionals and organisations can even get the plastic card and key tag combos. These combos can make a brand stand out among those people who carry both their wallet and a set of keys so that they can have something special for every occasion.

About Donsense Smart:

Donsense Smart develops, prototypes, and deploys customisable NFC-enabled cards that give authorized users easy access to areas they need to reach. The manufacturer uses advanced materials that provide engineered manufacturing capabilities to design robust and reliable products. Whether individual or business clients need to buy contact or contactless smart cards or want to order card and key tag combos, Donsense Smart offers it all.

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Donsense Smart

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Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Phone: +852-2136-3363

Email: [email protected]


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