The Mariga Group: Helping Business Owners Create Intentional Profits with the Profit First Method

March 06 11:31 2023
The secret to eradicating entrepreneurial poverty lies in the new accounting equation of Revenue – Profit = Expenses

More often than not, small business owners are the hardest working people on the team. They are usually the first people to come to work and the last ones to sign off at the end of the day. But despite dedicating most of their time making sure everything in the business is running smoothly, owners are, ironically, the last to be paid, the least to be paid, and the one most taken advantage of. They are taught that revenue – expenses = profit. But the truth is, once all of the expenses are paid, there is rarely anything left over to pay profit – leaving business owners empty-handed.

Don’t allow business profits to be a random outcome. Instead, create an intentional bottom line using the Profit First System, which takes a different approach to the traditional accounting equation. By applying the new accounting equation of Revenue – Profit = Expenses, the vicious cycle of entrepreneurial poverty can end. At The Mariga Group, their team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are helping entrepreneurs create intentional profits in their business through proactive cash management using the Profit First System.

The Mariga Group’s Profit First Implementation Programs teach business owners how to implement Profit First within their businesses. But since no business is one size fits all, no implementation is ever the same too. As Certified Profit First Professionals at the Mastery Level, The Mariga Group reviews how a business operates to determine the best course of action. By following that approach, their team has conducted hundreds of successful Profit First Implementations.

According to Susanne Mariga, The Mariga Group’s Founder and CEO, profit is intentional. “Using Profit First, you can change not only your future, but the future of your generations to come,” she explains.

Through The Mariga Group, Susanne has been combining her industry knowledge as a CPA with her own experience of growing a small business to help her clients design unique, profit-first based business plans that ensure success and long-term financial stability.

Susanne’s passion for helping entrepreneurs maximize their revenue, grow their business, and save dollars through sound tax strategies has also extended to her work as an author. She has published a book titled “Profit First For Minority Business Enterprises,” which was written in collaboration with Mike Michalowicz under the Profit First brand. Apart from being Kirkus reviewed, the book was also selected as a Publisher’s Weekly Editor’s Pick.

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The Mariga Group is a CPA and Fractional CFO firm located in Houston, TX that specializes in high net worth tax strategies for 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs using the Profit First System.

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