The Path Taken by Crazy Mars Squirrel to Unfailing Success

March 07 23:58 2023

Bored Apes Yacht Club has risen from virtual avatars to a super IP in the NFT industry with implemented commercial applications, making it a role model for many other PFP successors. Affected by such a trend, PFP has made remarkable IP businesses in the application scenarios of NFT. The research found that a real IP with added value potential, from the surface layer to the core, is expressed in four levels: the presentation format, the story, its worldview, and the value system.

Regarding the most superficial format and popular elements, Crazy Mars Squirrel has pushed its performance to the absolute limit. As cosmic agents from a high-dimensional civilization, Crazy Mars Squirrels have a unique image design right highlighting their distinction: technical details matched with mainstream colors set the tone for Metaverse. Using the fashionable NFT as a carrier, Crazy Mars Squirrels impress the audience and made them marvel with a “WOW~” in admiration!

The middle layer of IP is the story and the facilitating universal ideas behind it. It can be seen that Crazy Mars Squirrel has a quite attractive story: In an era when the world order is facing a reshuffling and everything evolves in the alteration of the new and the old, Crazy Mars Squirrels came from an unknown interstellar civilization to help SuperM undertake his mission to migrate humans from industrial civilization to digital civilization, from the proto-universe awash with lusts to the Metaverse full of love and care, from Earth to Mars. The story prototype thoroughly embodies the psychology of the times, and the appeals of people in the Web2 world, as well as their yearning for digital civilization and better life in a new world. Using the story, Crazy Mars Squirrel introduces trendy thoughts to the project and presents people’s longing for exploration in the age of migration. With a focus on the enterprises and individuals migrating from Web2 to Web3, Crazy Mars Squirrel expanded its audience to the greatest extent on the basis of the original Web3 netizens.

As the core factor of IP, values can create far-reaching recognition. It contributes to expanding the scope and depth of communication, making propagation effects across culture, politics, race, time and space or communication media. Its importance is self-evident. The value system of Crazy Mars Squirrel is where its strengths lie. The project lead expressed that how much value you can create for others determines your value. Based on this idea, the Crazy Mars Squirrel project starts with altruistic thinking and takes the realization of personal worth and corporate value as guidelines. In this way, the empowerment brought about in its practice enduringly benefits Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT holders and all partners in the ecology.

In terms of commercial returns, Crazy Mars Squirrel is market-oriented and has given full consideration to business logic and investment return. It first established the IP icon through content creation to further precipitate the cultural value of Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs and link all founding shareholders in the Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO. The attention was paid not only to optimizing content but also to creating a diverse ecology and derivative values through co-branding, social games, consumer lifestyles, commercial applications, investment/incubation, etc. The project party endeavored to cultivate the public’s appreciation of and identification with Crazy Mars Squirrels, making all individuals and enterprises migrating from Web2 to Web3 love Crazy Mars Squirrels and want to join the Crazy Mars Squirrel family!

That’s why in just a few months, Crazy Mars Squirrel has reached in-depth co-branding partnerships with well-known brands around the world, like Renhe Biotech (Australia) P/L, Wearable Research & Technology Pty Ltd, Zen Reflexology, Green Palm Reflexology, The One Real Estate, Golden Armor, AOBA’s Kitchen, MAB Innovation Pty Ltd, Huarong Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd., Angel Doctor Dentist Stomatology Hospital, SOSO, Nanjing Aust Clothing, C-Power.Cloud, South Harmony, North Harmony, UDD Tourism, and Nanjing Jinning Cultural Tourism, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent IP operation and business cooperation.

The constant influence of the bear market, compounded by the supply-demand imbalance of the PFP market, the path taken by Bored Apes in the Web3 world, which mainly consists of hype originating from the Web2 world, can no longer create another legend. Therefore, Crazy Mars Squirrel chose a value-oriented, culture-driven path starting from commercial applications to create an IP with intrinsic culture and enduring vitality. It is foreseeable that a unique force is emerging in the Web3 world as a result, which will unleash huge potentials in the future!




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