‘Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle’ by Maredith Ryan, A Well-Structured Draft Book, Leaves the Readers in Awe.

March 24 19:53 2023

Are you a fan of dark fantasy novels? Historical fiction infused with thrilling and mysterious plotlines can help the reader’s mind delve deep into the insights. Most people love to read about the powerful monarchies and how people used to fight over power.

Are you ready to witness a journey of redemption full of hardships that led the Prince into a tunnel full of darkness? Well, ‘Prince Shade: A Zion Chronicle’ by Maredith Ryan is a novel that will leave you in awe. It is an unforgettable story about a Prince who is caught between good and evil in the world.

The novel revolves around the story of a handsome prince who is on a quest to reveal all the secrets conspiring against him. As the threats of treason and troubles continue, Prince begins to realize that there is a thin boundary separating good from evil. His father’s mysterious death opens many doors of confusion. Prince Shade contemplates the answer to two main questions; who was King Bronze? What did he stand for?

His quest to know the truth helps him know the darkest secrets of the Kingdom. With the help of a sincere ally, would he be able to get his throne back? Can Prince Shade win the sympathy of people before it’s too late? If you are searching for a dark fiction novel that will leave your soul craving more, get your hands on the spectacular piece of art ‘Prince Shade; A Zion Chronicle’ by Maredith Ryan.

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