Radhaa Publishing House Celebrates Women’s History Month with the Pre-Sale Launch of ‘Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers

March 28 18:36 2023

Los Angeles, CA – Radhaa Publishing House proudly announces the launch of “Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers,” a groundbreaking anthology curated by Radhaa Nilia. This inspiring book encourages women worldwide to tap into their inner magic and embrace their divine feminine power. The book offers a glimpse into the raw, visceral experiences of the divine feminine, the obstacles these women face, and their unwavering strength to rise. Each woman explores a unique aspect or Archetype of the Goddess.

Radhaa Nilia, founder of Radhaa Publishing House and the Goddess Code Collective, has dedicated her life to empowering women and awakening the divine feminine essence within them. With her expertise in Divine Feminine Archetypes and her revolutionary modality, Goddess Activations™, Radhaa curated “Stories of the Goddess” as a vital component of her larger vision to unite a diverse range of feminine voices and inspiring stories that recognize and celebrate the Goddess within ourselves and in our world. Through “Stories of the Goddess,” Radhaa aims to inspire and encourage women worldwide to tap into their inner magic and embrace their divine feminine wisdom.  With Women’s History Month coinciding with the book’s release, sharing women’s voices and stories becomes even more significant. Radhaa Publishing House has author interviews featured on their Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@radhaapublishinghouse. Radhaa shares her heartfelt sentiments on this collaborative book: 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/B3uV_nuRF34

“Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers”, features contributing authors from around the globe, including Michele Joy, Diana Jyoti, Angela Rogers, Yvonne Ulloa, Leah Emmott, Amanda Waterman, Michelle Noble, Maya the Shaman, Joan of Angels, Patricia Wald Hopkins, Amorita Z. Mugno, Danielle Schreck, Radhaa Nilia, Jessica Louise Phillips, and Bonnie Melita. “Stories of the Goddess” showcases the courage, determination, and tenacity of women who have followed their hearts, listened to their inner knowing, and broken free from societal norms to pave the way for a new way of living, leading, and doing business from the heart.

“Stories of the Goddess” is more than just a collection of stories. It’s a call to action for women worldwide to awaken their inner magic and embrace their divine feminine power. It’s time to rediscover your inner magic, embrace your inner goddess, and rise as a champion of the divine feminine. The world needs your magic, sisters. The Awakening is Here. The book is available on Amazon for just 0.99 cents. Get your copy today and join the movement to awaken the divine feminine within. 

Join the movement of women worldwide, rediscovering their inner magic and rising as today’s feminine leaders. Tap into your inner goddess with “Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” at bit.ly/3Z8zeXE. Unleash your writing potential and become part of the community of conscious authors at Radhaa Publishing House, where we champion the voice of the feminine. Collaborate with like-minded writers on a journey to publishing success and join our community of Goddess storytellers. Elevate your writing and connect with a community through Author Incubator programs: www.RadhaaPublishingHouse.com or www.TheGoddessCodeCollective.com

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