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April 06 16:00 2023

The RF current generates energy between the two electrodes of the cutter head and excites the conductive medium (physiological saline or body fluid) in the front section to generate plasma. The high-energy particles in the plasma can decompose the molecular bonds in the tissue, so that Vaporize, coagulate, ablate, and cut tissue under the premise of contact with tissue.

Coagulation under intervertebral foramen, decompression of nucleus pulposus discectomy, ablation of nucleus pulposus.

Plasma Electrode Endoscope Electrode

The electrode head is freely retractable, making it easier to reach the lesion and more convenient for intraoperative manipulation.

Plasma Electrode Endoscope Electrode01

Cervical Spine Plasma Electrodes

Cervical Spine Plasma Electrodes

Lumbar Spine Plasma Electrodes

Lumbar Spine Plasma Electrodes


High efficiency of soft tissue removal

The 90°design of the electrode head integrates ablation and haemostasis, and the suction function clears tissue debris in time for a clearer surgical view.


High safety Low nerve irritation

The electrode head is designed with a 30°bend angle for minimal power to ablate soft tissue and stop bleeding.

Joint Plasma Electrodes
Plasma Electrode Arthroscopy Hook

Meniscectomy Loose ligamentsPlasma Electrode Arthroscopy Hook

Plasma Electrode Arthroscopy Four Needles

Synovectomy Shoulder moldingPlasma Electrode Arthroscopy Four Needles

Plasma Electrode Arthroscopy Fourteen Needles

Large area soft tissue ablation SynovectomyPlasma Electrode Arthroscopy Fourteen Needles

Plasma Electrode Arthroscopy Three Needles

Synovectomy Cartilage cleanupPlasma Electrode Arthroscopy Three Needles

Plasma Electrode Arthroscopy Twelve Needles

Loose ligaments Fiber resection and repairPlasma Electrode Arthroscopy Twelve Needles

Medical Tips

Electrodes are specifically designed for thyroid ablation and lymph node ablation. – Theyhave easy penetration and maneuverability within the tissue

When an rf current is applied to a planar coil, an oscillating magnetic field (B-field) is created both above and below it. This generates a primarily azimuthal rf electric field. Inside the vacuum chamber, this E-field starts an electron avalanche which creates the plasma.

Radiofrequency plasmas (rf plasmas) are formed in a flow of gas by an externally applied radio frequency field. … The coupling efficiency is the ratio of power accepted by the plasma to the incident power, i.e. the output of the oscillator. Reflected power is the power reflected back to the oscillator.

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