Square Jaw Reductions and Co-reductions Considering Bone, Muscle and Fat Should Be Performed Without Excessive Resection

April 07 02:06 2023

Dr. Lee Sang Woo From DA Plastic Surgery

Small and thin V-lines are becoming the standard of beauty, causing large angled faces to be a concern. Therefore, more people are visiting plastic surgery clinics and undergoing procedures or surgery in order to make their faces appear slimmer and/or smaller.

There are various ways to improve our face contour. Injections containing lipolysis components, Botox procedures for square jaws, thread or laser lifting treatments to lift sagging skin, and square jaw reduction to remove problematic bones and tissues, and more. The face contouring procedure that involves bones and nerves is known to be the most difficult of them all.

There are several types of facial contour surgery, including cheekbone reduction, square jaw reduction, and frontal chin reduction. One of them is square jaw surgery, which can change the shape of the face to make it smaller and thinner if both jaws are specially developed or asymmetric.

Squared jaws are caused by a variety of factors, and not just one bone is to blame. Identifying and diagnosing what makes a face look angular and large is important in order to efficiently combine and improve its appearance.

The most significant and basic thing to consider is a long-curved square jaw ectomy. It involves removing the square jaw bone under the ear in a long curve toward the front jaw. By cutting only the protruding jaw bone, the shape may be unnatural and secondary angles may result, so it should be a gentle resection with a smooth curve.

If the cortical bone is thick, it should also be resected. If the cortex is removed in a slim manner, the front of the jawbone will appear slim. It helps to complete the natural face shape if the connection between the body and the tip of the chin is naturally trimmed.

There may be more to the square face than just the size of the bones. For example, having an excessively large chewing muscle can cause our face to appear squarely angled. Square jaw botox temporarily shrinks these muscles, but it must be retreated after several months. As a result, if the root reduction is performed together during square jaw reduction surgery, a semi-permanent effect can be expected.

A slimmer and smaller face can also be achieved by removing buccal fat, which is deep within the cheek. In addition, since fat in the cheeks also contributes to the appearance of youth, each individual must identify the fat layer and the degree of elasticity in different curved areas to save the three-dimensional volume and remove the fat.

“Since bone is not regenerated during a square jaw reduction, only necessary parts should be cut non-excessively,” said Lee Sang Woo, a representative face contour specialist at DA Plastic Surgery. “To achieve a more natural facial shape, it is necessary to combine all four types of bones, cortical thickness, muscles, and fat. Medical staff with extensive clinical experience in related surgery must accurately diagnose and operate a face shape. This is so muscles and fat can be placed on the bones left while cutting only unnecessary bones.

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