San Diego Based Rapper, Sasumo Is Guiding People To Hope And Inspiration.

April 07 16:00 2023
San Diego Based Rapper, Sasumo Is Guiding People To Hope And Inspiration.

Justus Williams (Sasumo) – Artist Photo
Sasumo is an American rapper known for his inspirational music that guides and inspires people to have hope and dream big. He had a passion for music and instruments from a young age and was influenced by Linkin Park’s music during his struggles with anxiety and depression. Sasumo believes that everyone has the potential to become whoever they desire, but challenges are part of the journey to success. He wants to release more inspirational music and collaborate with other top hip-hop names.

Justus Williams, notably known by his stage name Sasumo is an American rapper bringing hope and inspiration. The San Diego-based artist has made a name in the industry as one of the hip-hop stars rapping about real-life occurrences. His music encourages those going through tough times and walks them through what it’s like to be in others’ shoes. Sasumo has been quoted in various interviews saying; “I sing to guide and inspire people to always have hope and dream big,”

Sasumo’s passion for music dates years ago. From a young age, he had always loved and wanted to make music and play numerous instruments. Sasumo was always fascinated by the magical beats and loved the power of music in influencing the masses.

“My story started out at a very young age, I’ve always had a passion for music as well as playing instruments,” he says.

Sasumo was already listening to Linkin Park in high school every night, as their music helped him through his anxiety and depression. And since then, he has decided to pursue his love for music to inspire and mentor others to get through their trying moments. “My music shares my story, and challenges that affected me like my anxiety and depression,” Sasumo adds.

According to Sasumo, everyone has the potential to become whoever they desire. What’s important is to identify your goal and adopt the right strategies to get there. Challenges will undoubtedly be part of the journey, as there isn’t an easy path to success. But also, Sasumo firmly believes in the phrase; hard work pays. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and turn every hurdle into a learning curve.

With a swiftly growing audience, Sasumo wants to continue releasing more inspirational music. He aims to release numerous singles, an EP, and probably an album. The talented rapper also aspires to collaborate and work with other top hip-hop names. To him, the goal is to help fight self-doubt, helping millions discover their potential. “I want my music to be guided to those who choose to follow their dreams,” Sasumo concludes.

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