LemonBottle, the pinnacle of K-beauty that amazed the world

April 07 19:15 2023
The real story behind the product as told by Chan-woo Wi, the director of Cheongdam You & Me Clinic located at the heart of Gangnam, Seoul!

A Korean product is captivating estheticians in the European beauty market who are calling it “a game changer taking the beauty market by storm” even though it is difficult for competing products to enter the market once certain products establish themselves as it requires medical expertise and safety guarantees. Having first entered the beauty market in 2020 and consecutively launched LemonBottle Ampoule Solution in 2021 and LemonBottle Recovery Power Skin Booster in 2022, SID Medicos Co., Ltd. makes products with a mission of realizing “healthy beauty” with focus on health (i.e., whether the remedy is harmless to the human body) that has been neglected so far as people have pursued beauty. Today, the company is gaining the trust of the European and American beauty markets. In just two years after its founding in 2020, SID Medicos succeeded in exporting LemonBottle to 38 countries worldwide, achieving an incredible feat of recording KRW 10 billion (USD 7.7 million) in sales. SID Medicos CEO’s dream of creating a product that takes us closer to beauty without including harmful substances is being realized with a brand called LemonBottle.

The CEO developed the recipe in collaboration with remarkably skilled and experienced doctors, and all ingredients are imported by selecting high-quality raw materials. The company does not allow any variables that could happen during the manufacturing process in the factory, which is run based on certified high technology. Developed using the best recipe and the best raw materials available as well as high technology, LemonBottle is the best among all K-beauty products that have gained global recognition so far. If we listen to the introduction of the product so far, it seems only natural that LemonBottle has caused a stir in the beauty sector of Europe, which had been at the forefront of the global beauty market.

But this is only the beginning of the story. Let’s hear more about this from Chan-woo Wi, director of a well-known clinic. You & Me Clinic is a dermatology clinic with numerous branches nationwide. Of those, Cheongdam You & Me Clinic led by Wi is located right at the heart of the region packed with plastic surgery clinics and dermatology clinics. They are realizing customer satisfaction with high-quality medical staff and premium medical services, having gained the trust of Korean celebrities and influencers in Cheongdam-dong. In particular, Director Wi is a celebrity doctor who has regularly attracted and participated in the Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery, International Aesthetic Medicine Forum, and Asia International Anti-Aging Forum, among others, to research and discuss constantly about aesthetics, wielding huge influence on the Korean beauty industry.

Director Wi of Cheongdam You & Me Clinic began using LemonBottle immediately after its release and confirmed the product quality. LemonBottle Ampoule Solution (LemonBottle) is a highly effective product that does not cause pain or swelling and takes effect within 24 hours at the earliest. “The main ingredients of LemonBottle are Lecithin, Riboflavin, and Bromelain, meaning LemonBottle is made using natural ingredients. So there are almost no side effects, swelling, or pain. In a word, LemonBottle is a completely unrivaled product that has overcome the limitations of the existing products,” Wi said.

The CEO of SID Medicos Co., Ltd. who developed LemonBottle says that the effects improve the second and third time you use the product and hopes hundreds and thousands of users share vivid reviews of their real experience on social media. He also hopes people will recover their healthy beauty through LemonBottle and regain confidence. Employees at SID Medicos are working with a strong sense of pride that they are spreading “healthy beauty” to the world. Seeing their pride in elevating the status of K-beauty by sharing a product that is harmless to the human body, painless, and swelling-free with speedy effects and without side effects, expectations are high on SID Medicos’s follow-up products.

They say, “LemonBottle’s mission is to make customers healthy and shine with beauty.” As their slogan, ‘It’s your time to shine,’ says, we’re looking forward to seeing SD Medicos become a leader of the global beauty market.

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