Breaking Barriers & Championing Change – How Ash Vandelay is Changing the Face of Motorsports to Include and Inspire Women

April 11 07:04 2023

America’s Number One Motorsports Streamer is turning the male-dominated narrative on its head to welcome and inspire all motorsports enthusiasts

It’s no secret that Motorsports is a male-dominated industry. However, one Twitch streamer is flipping this narrative on its head as she continues to claim her rightful place as America’s number one Motorsports streamer. Meet AshVandelay – a content creator, women in motorsports advocate, an expert on all things NASCAR, Indy, and Formula 1, and the face behind the women’s advocacy movement in motorsports.

AshVandelay began streaming coverage of motorsports amid the pandemic as a hobby and a means to build community. Little did she know that her insights, passion, and unique eye for detail would captivate the eyes of millions. In no time at all, AshVandelay would become the number one Motorsports streamer on Twitch in America, accumulating more watch time, viewers, and content covered than any other creator.

From NASCAR coverage to Formula 1, Indy, and general motorsports news, AshVandelay has rapidly become the go-to staple for fans everywhere seeking up-to-date coverage, commentary, and everything in between. Unlike other streamers in the industry, AshVandelay dismantles the narrative that motorsports are for “men” or for any particular demographic. On the contrary, Ashley breaks barriers to welcome everyone, from all backgrounds – newcomers, seasoned, vets, and those curious to learn about the exhilarating sport that brings everyone together.

As America’s number one Motorsports Streamer – AshVandelay is incredibly passionate about pioneering a new era of Motorsports coverage that advocates for the inclusion of women in all spaces.

“I believe motorsports is everyone – and that shows through the various content I provide and that I do truly care what driver or team or fandom you love – all are welcome. A mix of educational content and funny content makes my shows and content enjoyable for all and an incredible community of folks who work in the race series we talk about.” – Ash Vandelay

Fueled by her dedication to the sport, unwavering commitment to community, and unrivaled passion for championing change to advocate for women in motorsports, Ash Vandelay’s purpose-driven vision is coming to fruition.

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About AshVandelay

Ashley Kalita, also known as AshVandelay, is a content creator, a passionate advocate for women in motorsports, and the number one American Motorsports Streamer. Ashley began streaming coverage for motorsports during the pandemic as a hobby, little did she know it would explode nearly overnight into a thriving community of like-minded individuals eager to hear her insights, takes, and coverage of their favorite Formula 1, NASCAR, and Indy drivers. In 2022, Ashley had over 1.6 million viewers tune in for just one Formula 1 race. Now the number one American Motorsports Streamer, AshVandelay is aiming to inform and inspire not just women, but anyone who wants to learn more about the industry, about racing, or just looking for a safe space to be themselves.






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