Please Don’t put eggs bought in the supermarket in the refrigerator

April 13 13:52 2023

Eggs Have a Bacteria That May Make people Vomit, DiarrheaThis pathogenic microorganism is called Salmonella.It can not only survive on the eggshell, but also through the stomata on the eggshell and into the inside of the egg.Placing eggs next to other foods can allow salmonella to travel around in the refrigerator and spread, increasing everyone’s risk of infection.In my country, 70-80% of all food poisoning caused by bacteria is caused by Salmonella.Once infected, small partners with strong immunity may experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting in a short period of time.For pregnant women, children, and the elderly with low immunity, the situation may be more complicated, and it may be life-threatening.Some people are wondering, after eating for so long, there has never been a problem? My family’s eggs are all bought at the supermarket, should they be ok?

First of all, it is true that not all eggs will be infected with Salmonella, but the probability of infection is not low.The Anhui Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection has conducted salmonella tests on eggs in Hefei markets and supermarkets. The test results show that the contamination rate of Salmonella on egg shells is 10%.That is, for every 100 eggs, there may be 10 eggs that carry Salmonella.It is possible that this infection occurs in the fetus, that is, a hen infected with Salmonella, which is passed from the body to the eggs.It may also occur during transportation and storage.For example, a healthy egg is in close contact with an infected egg or other infected food.

Secondly, our country does have clear requirements for the quality and quality of eggs, but there are no strict regulations on the microbial indicators of shell eggs.That is to say, the eggs we buy in the supermarket can have complete eggshells, no chicken excrement, no yellowing inside the eggs, and no foreign objects.But when it comes to microbes, it’s hard to say.In this case, it is really difficult for us to judge whether the eggs bought outside are clean, and it is always good to be careful.The way to avoid being infected is actually very simple:Step 1: Eggs are stored separatelyEggs that come with their own boxes, don’t unpack them when people buy them, and put them in the refrigerator together with the boxes.Avoid contamination of other foods, and also prevent bacteria from other foods from contaminating eggs.

If people have an egg trough in their refrigerator, they can also put eggs in the trough. If people don’t have one, buy a box for the eggs, which is also very convenient to use.However, don’t put anything else in the egg tray, and remember to clean it frequently. Do not touch the cooked food directly with the hand that touches the egg.Step 2: Eat well-boiled eggsSalmonella is not resistant to high temperature, as long as it is heated until the egg yolk and white are solidified, there is no problem.

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