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May 05 10:36 2023
Pen Pal Project
Pen Pal Project (2)
Pen Pal Project (1)

This year, the students in Years 4 and 5 have been able to take part in a meaningful project where they exchange letters with students in Years 5 and 6 at Ashbourne Hilltop Primary School in Derbyshire, UK. Letter writing is a lost art that some young people and adults have not had the opportunity of doing, as social media and instant messaging becomes more popular. The students in Years 4 and 5 have been very fortunate to write to their international friends throughout the year.

They have enjoyed writing to their Pen Pals and throughout the year the students have kept them updated with what they have been up to, they’ve been sharing their thoughts and the lessons that they have enjoyed.

This has been a fantastic opportunity for the students to make international links and learn about other cultures and life in the UK. The students have thought of questions to ask their new friends, as well as being able to show empathy and how they can find mutual interests with their new friend – which is an important life skill!

The students look forward to writing and receiving their letters and having a Pen Pal is a great way to learn about other parts of the world. Having a Pen Pal develops understanding and compassion of other cultures and their values. It can also encourage the students to be curious about the world.

Well done Years 4 and 5.

Roman Shields
Roman Shields (4)
Roman Shields (3)

Year 3 have started their history topic on ‘The Romans.’ After some research, students created an interesting fact wall about the Roman army and what life was like as a soldier. Did you know, soldiers were highly trained, able to march up to 30km a day and built roads when they weren’t fighting.

Year 3 created their own Roman shields and gave their unit a name, ‘BIS Victorious’. We practiced marching in 3×3 formation. As a defense tactic, the Romans used their shields to create an impenetrable shell which would protect their unit called the ‘turtle’. We practiced creating this formation and Mr. Stuart ‘the Celt’ tested the strength of the formation. Great fun was had by all, a very memorable lesson.

Roman Shields (2)
Roman Shields (1)
Electricity Experiment
Electricity Experiment (5)
Electricity Experiment (4)
Electricity Experiment (3)

Year 6 have continued learning about electricity – such as the safety measures one needs to take when using electrical appliances; as well as how to recognise and draw electric circuits using scientific circuit symbols and read given circuit drawings to determine whether the circuit would work or not. Expanding on our work with circuits, we have also predicted and observed what happens in a circuit when different components are added, subtracted and/or moved around in relation to the batteries in a circuit. Some of the suggestions for these experiments were made by the students, prompted by their curiosity about how electric circuits work. Great work Year 6!!

Electricity Experiment (2)
Electricity Experiment (1)

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