Shieldon and a Famous Knife Brand Successful Collaboration Amplifies Manufacturer’s Competence

May 05 18:12 2023
Shieldon and a Famous Knife Brand Successful Collaboration Amplifies Manufacturer’s Competence
Shieldon, a trusted and experienced knife manufacturer, recently announced the successful completion of an 8-month long collaboration with a famous knife brand.

Determined to surpass their customer’s expectations, Shieldon pushed through with the production timeline. 

This involved two months of design and one month for each prototyping and modification before re-prototyping was finished.

Shieldon, renowned worldwide in the US, Canada, France and Indonesia to name a few countries was selected for this project due to its remarkable reputation.

The customer had faith that the factory could exceed expectations with their track record of excellence.

Shieldon is celebrated worldwide for their impressive durability, functional design, stylish aesthetic, and accessible price point.

The customer purchased a knife with Micarta handle material that was blackwashed, stonewashed, and satin finish.

The customer chose Shieldon for design sketches and rendering of images.

Shieldon was presented with a 2D graphic image featuring the customer’s brand name and model, requiring their experts to bring this vision to life.

After mindful deliberation and numerous drafts, Shieldon’s experts took two months to refine their designs before devoting another month for alterations after prototyping.

Shieldon experts also provided packaging services.

Their package is the optimal choice for your items’ safe delivery, featuring an EVA tray lined lid-and-base box with a color code printed upon it.

Even better, Silicon gel protection comes absolutely free!

Shieldon alleviated the customers worries, explaining that their knowledgeable team has extensive experience in global trading and even contains an internal shipping department fully devoted to handling all necessary documents for international shipments.

Shieldon takes great pride in offering reliable and efficient shipping services that consistently exceed customer expectations.

The customer was initially apprehensive about the shipment process, but Shieldon was able to assuage these fears by sending photos of each carton and its weight (averaging 12kg) while they were in transit.

In the end, a total of twelve cartons were delivered to her address in pristine condition. To ensure quality and compliance with international air shipping policy, Shieldon ships their products via FedEx and UPS, with all cartons weighed between 12kg and 20kg.

This ensures that customers receive their goods exactly as they expect. With Shieldon, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive as promised.

Trust Shieldon to take care of all your shipping needs.

The manufacturing process is rigorous and challenging, but Shieldon’s team of experts had the dedication and expertise to make this custom pocket knife project a success.

They accomplished their mission in style, revealing a sleek prototype that was sure to impress the customer.

The customer was overwhelmed with joy when they unboxed the product samples. Shieldon’s incredible work has truly amplified their customer’s competence.

This successful project reaffirms Shieldon’s commitment to excellence and dedication to helping customers realize their dreams.

The collaboration’s success demonstrates the impact of a great team when it is well-led and equipped with proper resources and tools.

With this achievement, Shieldon has strengthened its global presence and is set to showcase their prototypes at an upcoming exhibition.

Additionally, Shieldon will be launching its new product line during the hot season and has promised to make it available for purchase through their website.

Stay-tuned for more up and coming services from Shieldon! 

With our ever expanding range of services, we are sure to have something to meet your exact needs. For further information, please contact Shieldon today.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to serving you in the near future. For more info, click Shieldon Knife Blog for more.

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