Catcher Labs, A Company Disrupting the Pest Prevention Industry with Non-Toxic and Natural Products

May 05 19:18 2023
Affordable and Effective Moth Prevention Eco-System for Pantry and Clothing Moths. Safe For the Whole Family Including Pets.

We have all endured some type of pest problem in our home may it be in the form of a minor infestation or a major one. Of all the pests that can invade our homes, moths can be particularly pesky. Not only can they damage clothing, fabrics, and pantry staples, but they can also be difficult to eliminate once they’ve taken up residence. Multiple times, we experience the situation where we pick out and wear a beloved sweater from our closet, only to find a hole. Almost instantly, the thought, did I get it stuck on a sharp object the other day creeps into our mind. Well, most of the time, the culprit is a pesky clothing moth hiding and laying eggs in the dark corners of your closet.

Fortunately, the pest prevention industry has developed products and methods to provide solutions to these problems. Traditionally, chemical-based products containing harmful substances such as paradichlorobenzene were used in the form of hangers or mothballs. Now that consumers are aware of the dangers of using these chemical-based products, a company called Catcher Labs. based in Florida, has engineered very effective, natural, non–toxic, environmentally friendly, and designed ease-of-use product solutions.

Catcher Labs. boasts a product line that gives consumers a full moth prevention ecosystem. Pantry Pro Moth Traps to keep your kitchen moth-free, Clothing Pro Moth Traps to keep your clothes and fabrics hole free, and their most recent addition, Cedarwood Plank Hangers to support your fight against moths with a pleasant fragrance. The traps feature a proprietary pheromone attractant embedded within a strong sticky surface that lures adult moths to put a halt on the reproductive cycle of moths, designed as a product that looks good and is easy to set up and use. Simply put, Catcher Labs is making products that help to have peace of mind while living your dreams.

Catcher Labs. is also a part of the 1% For the Planet initiative, staying true to its goal of ‘developing natural product solutions that give back to the planet so that nature can live on for future generations to come.’

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