Life Coach and Author Korrie Morrow, Inspires with New Song, ‘Angels in the Sky’

May 05 17:10 2023
Korrie Morrow released “Angels in the Sky” after inspiring millions through social media & coaching.

Renowned Life Coach, Author, Motivational speaker, and Social media guru Korrie Morrow has announced the release of his latest track, “Angels in the Sky.” The song has been released on all major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube, and has garnered significant attention from his fans and followers.

Morrow, who is widely recognized for his impactful books, including “Just Listen, King Speaks” and “Just Listen, King Speaks- More Intense,” is known for his inspiring and motivational writing style. His books are praised by readers worldwide and are deemed pivotal in recognizing one’s self-worth and finding true love.

“I just finished the second book, and although I enjoyed the first one, it won’t ever compare to this one,” said one of Morrow’s readers. “The way you wrote this one was completely different from your first one. It was incredible, from the stories you shared to your mother’s advice and your own experiences. All I have to say is thank you.”

Morrow’s new song, “Angels in the Sky,” is a beautiful and moving piece that reflects his love for God and his desire to spread love and positivity in the world. The song is a perfect blend of Morrow’s smooth vocals and a hauntingly beautiful melody that is sure to leave listeners feeling uplifted and inspired.

“Angels in the Sky is very personal to me; it reflects my love for God and my passion for spreading love and positivity in today’s world. I’ve poured my soul into this song and hope that it will touch the hearts of my fans and inspire them to spread love and positivity in their own lives,” said Morrow.

Morrow’s Instagram account, @mr_king87, has amassed a significant following of over 225k followers before he took a break a year ago. However, he is now back better than ever, spreading love and positivity on social media and beyond. He has worked with many celebrities over the years and has worked with almost every religion to build faith.

In his coaching, he has helped many people heal their minds and hearts and recognize their self-worth. His work has become even more critical during these tough times when many people struggle with mental health issues and relationship problems.

Korrie Morrow’s new single, “Angels in the Sky,” is a beautiful and moving tribute to love, hope, and faith. His fans and followers eagerly await its release and are looking forward to being inspired and uplifted by his music.

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About Korrie Morrow

Korrie Morrow is a Chicago-born social media personality, relationship coach, and author. He inspires and encourages people to be their best selves through social media, particularly Instagram, with over 225,000 followers. His books “Just Listen, King Speaks” and “Just Listen, King Speaks- More Intense” are praised by readers worldwide for their inspiration and guidance towards recognizing self-worth and finding true love. Before his success, Korrie attended George Rogers Clark High School and Purdue University Northwest.

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