Robby McClure Releases New Children’s Book – The Last Flat Place: How Golden Became Golden

May 18 16:14 2023
Robby McClure Releases New Children’s Book - The Last Flat Place: How Golden Became Golden
book cover by Robby McClure
Robby McClure is pleased to announce the release of his new children’s picture book, The Last Flat Place: How Golden Became Golden.

A heartwarming tale of dreams, perseverance, and teamwork

“The Last Flat Place: How Golden Became Golden” tells the story of a young boy named Tommy and his trusty friend, Blaster the Burro, as they embark on a journey to build a new town. Along the way, they discover something amazing in a creek at the bottom of the foothills that changes their lives forever.

This enchanting tale teaches valuable life lessons about the importance of perseverance, teamwork, and the power of dreams. Through Tommy’s journey, young readers will learn that the path to success isn’t always straightforward and that it takes time, skill, and sometimes help from others to achieve your dreams.

Author Robby McClure creates a vivid world filled with lovable characters and a story that will capture the hearts of children and adults alike. The book’s unique storyline that’s a fictional tale, filled with nonfictional people will keep readers engaged, and the valuable lessons embedded in the story will inspire young minds to strive for their goals, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

“The Last Flat Place: How Golden Became Golden” is a must-read for any child seeking inspiration, adventure, and valuable life lessons. With its relatable characters, engaging storyline, and beautiful illustrations, this book is perfect for young readers and will leave them feeling uplifted and motivated.

So join Tommy, Blaster, and their new friends on a journey of discovery and self-discovery, and discover what it takes to build a town like Golden.

About the Author:

Robby McClure is a passionate resident of Golden, Colorado. It has always been a goal of his to write a children’s book. The fictional tale of The Last Flat Place—filled with nonfictional people—is about the city in which his family has lived for four generations!

He spent a year digging into the history of his home city and relished discovering more about the historical characters that brought it into being. He loves that the story he has written takes the lives of real people and fuses them with a work of imagination.

Robby’s version of Tommy is inspired, in part, by his nephew, Max. He is adventurous at heart and is the perfect protagonist for the story. As Golden has such a blossoming tourist industry, he hopes his book will serve as a wonderful way for visiting children to get a flavor of what the town is all about.

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The Last Flat Place: How Golden Became Golden is available for purchase at Amazon in print and ebook formats. 

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