The European Association for The Defense of Minorities Commends the United Arab Emirates on Remarkable Human Rights Progress

May 23 01:08 2023
The European Association for The Defense of Minorities commends the UAE for its remarkable progress in human rights. Their efforts in workers’ rights, countering human trafficking, promoting tolerance, and climate justice were praised. The coalition of human rights organizations urges global recognition and calls for the UAE’s worldwide guidance in enhancing human rights.

The European Association for The Defense of Minorities (EADM), a leading advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of minorities, commends the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for its significant strides in human rights. The UAE’s universal periodic review presentation to the United Nations on May 8th, 2023, showcased its commitment to enhancing respect for human rights and fulfilling its international obligations.

During the review, the UAE highlighted its achievements in various areas, including safeguarding workers’ rights, combatting human trafficking, countering extremism and terrorism, and fostering a culture of tolerance and coexistence. These notable efforts have garnered praise from international human rights organizations and experts who attended an international symposium in Geneva parallel to the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council.

At the symposium, eight renowned human rights experts extensively discussed the UAE’s leadership and accomplishments in civil, political, and economic rights protection, peacebuilding, tolerance promotion, and human coexistence. The UAE’s commitment to global leadership in climate change and environmental protection was also commended. The country’s dedication to climate justice, in line with the principles of justice and equality espoused by the United Nations and the Paris Climate Agreement, demonstrates exemplary leadership in addressing one of the world’s most pressing challenges.

The EADM applauds the UAE for its sustainable development achievements and unwavering commitment to implementing United Nations requirements. The UAE has prioritized fundamental rights and freedoms, launching numerous initiatives promoting individual rights and ensuring personal and collective liberties.

The symposium further praised the UAE’s initiatives to strengthen the national, legislative, and institutional systems governing human rights and liberties. These qualitative initiatives, guided by the United Nations Development Charter, prioritize human rights as the foundation for development and place individuals at the core of the UAE’s progress.

The coalition of international human rights organizations actively participated in the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council, submitting multiple written statements. These statements highlighted the UAE’s exceptional contributions to climate justice, promoting tolerance, combatting discrimination and racism, and countering extremism and terrorism.

The coalition urges global recognition of the UAE’s leadership in climate justice and calls for its regional and international guidance to enhance respect for and promotion of human rights worldwide. Additionally, the coalition lauded the UAE’s efforts in promoting women’s rights and leadership, paying tribute to Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the Supreme Council for Women, for her exemplary work in empowering women and advancing justice and equality.

In conclusion, the EADM, alongside the coalition of international human rights organizations, commends the UAE for its visionary approach to achieving peace, promoting tolerance and human coexistence, and establishing the Abrahamic Family House. The UAE’s dedication to upgrading regional and international practices will improve the quality of life, protect collective rights, and achieve justice and equality for all without discrimination.

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The European Association for The Defense of Minorities (EADM) is a leading advocacy organization committed to safeguarding the rights of minorities across Europe and beyond. The EADM works tirelessly to promote inclusivity, combat discrimination, and ensure equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or cultural backgrounds.

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