Unraveling the Power of Words: A Journey from Destruction to Divine Healing in Sherita Charmaze White’s ‘Broken by Man’s Words, Healed by God’s Words’

May 31 18:58 2023
Unraveling the Power of Words: A Journey from Destruction to Divine Healing in Sherita Charmaze White's 'Broken by Man’s Words, Healed by God’s Words'

Jacques Derrida, the famous French Philosopher talks about the deconstruction of language in his theory of deconstruction. His philosophy claimed that language – any language – is unstable and ambiguous. This means that anything can have multiple meanings, perceptions, conflicts, and so on. Later, many other philosophers agreed and unanimously decided that language is manmade.

But what it is that this manmade aspect of nature, can make or break a person. There is something lacking in the human senses transfer that they needed to create oral communication. While the philosophy is a never-ending discussion, it is absolutely agreed upon that language, in fact, does have comforting and destructive elements.

Sherita Charmaze White deals with the power of words – especially words of the divine – in her book Broken by Man’s Words, Healed by God’s Words. White begins the book just as this article was begun. With the understanding and power of the word. However, earlier in the chapter, she established that this book serves to help a man be closer to God by understanding His words.

It is important to mention that White also establishes the fact that words do directly associate with the emotion of perceiving. She indirectly talks about words and how they can hurt when you are expecting another emotion to flow from the other person. For example, it may hurt more to hear someone you love to belittle you. Similarly, people may be proud of you all the time, but it brings special happiness when one’s parents say a few simple words showing pride.

Along with several other biblical references, White seems to nail it initially when she used the following verse. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This helps her eventually prove people wrong who she has mentioned have told her that ‘words don’t matter.’

Keeping the idea of perceiving words to accomplish an emotion, White subtly expresses the idea that maybe we don’t see God as a friend anymore or a guide. Finding a friendly and valuable relationship with God is the first step you can take. This step will help YOU find peace in life and not get hit with the power of negative words in the world.

One of the best parts of this self-help/self-reflection book is that it helps practice than just preach. Throughout the book, you will see that every topic deals with a morally positive approach and the proof of the teachings are quoted in God’s words.  Each of the sections in the book helps teaches to let people know that God is not only about worshipping him. He is very much so inclined to teach positive morals so that none of His children suffer on the planet.

This non-fiction book serves as a journal too so you can experiment with your inner self and actually learn what you read and implement it.

Just as White talks about the types and effects of positive words, she also dives deep into the different types of negative words. Some of them we don’t even realize how we have incorporated them into our lives and have subconsciously become the villain of other people’s lives.

Perhaps the most interesting part to read was how words are used for manipulation. Man is a target of being manipulated since the beginning of time. In fact, negative words that brought out enticement were the reason for the fall of man. White smartly and beautifully quotes Genesis to recall this incident. She talks about how not only humans, but other creatures can also manipulate words too.

The serpent did not have to do much other than get the words here and there to find a sense of trust and spark a factor of curiosity that ultimately led to man’s doom.

Apart from talking about the different types of words that make a difference in a person’s life, White talks about God’s solution to it. She drastically mentions how different approaches can make the sender and the receiver both on the right path.

Another very relatable aspect that is talked about in well-depth in this book is the case of anger. Anger changes a person and seems to render senses unable to perform. Anger listens to something never said and speaks of what should not have been spoken! Truly the enemy of man! White talks about situations such as anger and talks about how to replace them with God’s words so that ample reactions can be given out.

She beautifully portrays the idea of venting out. Venting out is one of the most accepted notations in psychology. However, White tells her readers the right ways to vent out to God. It almost feels like we can say anything to God, and White has a pretty good reason to convince us to:

“I don’t know about you, but I would rather the Lord be angry with me than have other people angry with me. Why? The Lord has more grace and mercy than some people, even when He’s angry.”

Similar to this, there are several examples in Broken by Man’s Words and Healed by God’s Words. It serves as a philosophical exploration of the transformative power of words and the healing potential found within God’s divine message. Throughout the book, White dives into the various forms and impacts of human words, revealing how they can inflict pain, cause brokenness, and leave lasting wounds on our hearts and souls.

The one hope that lies amidst the wreckage caused by the destructive nature of human communication is God’s words. These possess healing capabilities.

The writer authentically illustrates how God’s teachings, scriptures, and divine guidance have the remarkable ability to mend our shattered spirits, mend broken relationships, and restore our sense of purpose and meaning.

Overall, this book urges readers to turn to the divine source of wisdom and guidance, recognizing that it is through the embrace of God’s words we find restoration.

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