2023 Shengze Fashion Week links the world with culture and fashion

June 01 00:00 2023

The 2023 Shengze Fashion Week, part of the 5th Jiangnan Culture and Arts & International Tourism Festival, kicked off in Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou on May 29, with a party of creative designs featuring Jiangnan (the region south of the Yangtze River) culture and trendy lifestyles. 


Given the popularity accumulated of the previous three sessions, this year’s Shengze Fashion Week is expected to help energize the fashion industry and accelerate the development of the cultural industry in Wujiang District, as well as improve the cultural influence of Shengze Town as an important silk textile manufacturing base of China.

This edition of the event, themed “Oriental Silk, Shengze Style”, is marked by the fusion of “source-end, original, eco-friendly and technology-based designs” aimed at propelling the silk textile industry to increase its focus from manufacturing to cover innovation, responsibility  for environmental protection and culture-led fashion. 

The 2023 edition is full of technological elements, like the three digital fashion experience officers who made their debut together with three “Shengze Fashion Endorsers”. The immersive interactions between the virtual and real worlds are helping draw more attention to Shengze and its silk textiles, and speed up high-quality development of the fashion industry in the town.

In recent years, Shengze Town has made great efforts to build facilities for the fashion industry, hoping to realize the integration of rural revitalization and fashion development.

At the opening ceremony, Shengze Town launched the “Shunhu D·PARK” project, aiming to create a beautiful countryside space for fashion design, cultural experiences, travel and consumption. The town expects the project to become a new local landmark.

Shengze Town is well-known for its world-class fabrics. In recent years, with the accelerated upgrading of the textile industry, the concept of seeking brand-based development has become a consensus of the enterprises in the town, which are gradually transforming from modern textile production to design and brand building. 

At the opening ceremony, Shengze Town unveiled 100 fabric brands which feature unique functions and characteristics, and the “Woven in Shengze” brand, which is expected to guide the fabric enterprises in Shengze to build their own brands and maximize the value of their products. 


Fashion indexes play an important role in measuring and evaluating the development level of the fashion industry. Since Shengze Town was designated the permanent release site of China Fashion Index last year, the index has become an important tool for exploring future sustainable development of the global fashion industry. It also provides reference for research in the fashion industry at home and abroad.

At the opening ceremony of the 2023 Shengze Fashion Week, Shengze Town and China Fashion Association jointly released the 2023 China Fashion Index (Industry) Report to provide a basis for decision-making in domestic and overseas fashion circles.

Concurrently, the 2023 (6th) China Eco-friendly Fabric Design Competition is also open. It is designed to promote integration of fabric manufacturing with environmental concepts and fashion design, and drive sustainable development of China’s textile and closing industries.

Shengze Town sees the competition as an opportunity to explore ways to reduce carbon emission and build a low-carbon recycling system into the textile industry; and to reshape the competitiveness of the industry.

The final and award ceremony of the “Dongfang Cup” China Women’s Wear Design Competition 2023 was also held on the opening day of the event, alongside the SAINT JOY×Bian Huizhong, SANGLUO×Chen Ke, Hengxin×Zhang Peng and Fuhua×Liu Wei fashion shows.

From creative designs to innovative fabrics, these shows demonstrated the strengths and competitiveness of the fabric manufacturers in Shengze Town as well as their innovative inheritance of Jiangnan culture. 


Eighteen fashion shows, two competitions, three forums, three partnering activities and online and other exhibitions are scheduled during the four-day event. Among them are the 2023 Shengze Silk Tourism Culture Festival; the 2023 International Forum on Sustainability of Advanced Functional Fiber Fashion; and the 3rd China Design Summit. With all of these components, the 2023 Shengze Fashion Week aims to offer participants a panorama of the fashion culture of Shengze Town.

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