Powerful Stories of Courage, Resilience, & Determination: Oluyinka Davids Releases Prim & Proper Series

June 02 01:09 2023

Oluyinka Davids, acclaimed Nigerian filmmaker based in the United States, has announced his newly released project “Prim & Proper” – a powerful exploration into the lives of Nigerian immigrants living in America. Featuring a captivating confessional-style narration that blends live action with real-time footage, Prim & Proper offers viewers an intimate look at what it means to be part of this community as they share tales of courage, resilience and determination through adversity.

Davids believes there are powerful stories within this oftentimes overlooked population that deserve attention from mainstream media outlets – ones which can both inspire future generations, while also educating larger audiences about their culture and history. With Prim & Proper he aims not only to bring awareness but also provide representation for those often left out of larger conversations.

He explains, “ ‘Prim and Proper’ was important to me because it is a reflection of my personal experience as an immigrant in the United States. I wanted to showcase the immigrant perspective because it is often overlooked in mainstream media, and I believe that sharing our stories can help to break down cultural barriers and promote empathy and understanding.”

Further explaining his goal behind his latest offering, he continues, “Through this show, I hope to convey the message that immigrants are an integral part of American society and contribute positively to our communities. I want to challenge stereotypes and encourage viewers to see immigrants as individuals with unique stories and experiences. Ultimately, I hope that ‘Prim and Proper’ will promote dialogue and encourage viewers to consider the impact of immigration policies on real people and families.”

With over 500,000 Nigerians residing in the US, there is a sizable potential audience for this project. The film will showcase the achievements of successful Nigerians in various fields and aim to inspire and empower the Nigerian community. To create an engaging and an entertaining series, Davids took care to cast people with compelling stories and personalities, while ensuring that their stories were portrayed as authentically as possible.

Though balancing authenticity and entertainment was a challenge, Davids, with his expertise and finesse as a filmmaker, was able to pull it off in a remarkable way.

‘Prim and Proper’ is available at TUBI.

To watch the film, click https://tubitv.com/series/300000221/prim-and-proper?start=true.

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