“From The Eagle’s Nest To The Lion’s Den” – Riveting Autobiography Chronicling Inspirational Journey from Socialist Poland to Capitalist England

June 01 21:16 2023

Author and activist Mirka Anderson have released a one-of-a-kind autobiography chronicling her journey from socialist Poland to capitalist England. “From The Eagle’s Nest To The Lion’s Den” is a fascinating and positive account of Mirka’s five decades of highs and lows, finding love, stamina, and a strong belief that where there is a will, there is a way. Mirka’s narrative is an out-of-the-box story of influential experiences and challenges intertwined with horizon-broadening adventures all over the world.

Personal events, including her marriage, shaped Mirka’s life, the arrival of her first daughter Caroline – her Sweetie, Emma – her Star with Down Syndrome, and Sophie – her Sunshine, the family’s baby. Alongside her family life, Mirka pursued her studies, wrote the Polish language course for English speakers, supported the differently-abled, and celebrated her mission to change social attitudes towards them via her documentary “the sky is the Limit.” These experiences and challenges are some of the many that readers can expect to discover in Mirka’s book.

“The Sky is the Limit” is an exciting and inspirational story of Mirka’s daughter Emma, who managed to surface as a prolific artist recognized by the Tate Modern London exhibition despite social, physical, and psychological adversities. The film has been submitted to multiple international film festivals and, so far, has been awarded 30 prizes from Hawaii to Bhutan. Mirka’s personal and professional journey inspires all and allows readers to reflect on their own lives and the meaning of existence.

“I hope reading this Western autobiography will bring back the essential meaning of our existence; seize the day, and where there is a will, there is a way!” says Mirka. “From The Eagle’s Nest To The Lion’s Den” is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and motivation in their life journey.

The book is available on the author’s website and on Amazon in Paperback and Hardcover formats. Buy the book now and embark on an adventuresome journey unlike before!

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