Another #1 Best Seller By Dr. Paulette Harper

June 01 21:22 2023
Another #1 Best Seller By Dr. Paulette Harper
Women with Unshakeable Faith

In “Women with Unshakeable Faith”, visionary author Dr. Paulette Harper shares the stories of fourteen remarkable women whose faith sustained them through life’s toughest challenges. From a survivor of sexual assault to cancer, these women overcame immense obstacles through their unwavering belief in God.

Through these stories, readers will be inspired and encouraged to deepen their own faith and trust in God, even in the face of adversity. Harper’s insightful commentary on each woman’s journey provides valuable lessons on forgiveness, resilience, and perseverance. This book is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the incredible strength of women who choose to live with unshakeable faith. It is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration, guidance, and hope in their own journey of faith.

Cheers to the indomitable fortitude and steadfastness of women who possess unwavering faith! Such women are unshakable and remain resolute in their beliefs, inspiring us all. Let us celebrate these women who inspire us to have faith, hope, and courage in every aspect of life.

These women let faith fight for them.

Co-authors include:

Donna Yates – Alive to Testify

Choyce Simmons – A Motherless Child

Jennifer M. Jackson – No More Secrets

Christina Aguilar – The Day My Daddy Left

Ebone Marie – Faith to Believe

Isabelle Ramos – Faith to Faith

Angela Harris – God is Faithful, I Trust Him

Shatoria Christian – Distant Faith

Petria Michelle – Reckon. Rest. Restore.

Chapri Johnson – Ten Days at the Feet of God

Jackie Mungo – The Fight for My Life

Krystal Rosser – The First Ring

Janay Thompson – God Said, “I’m Not Finished With You Yet”

Michelle Woodson – Alexander – From Deliverance to Relentless

Dr. Paulette Harper, Visionary Author, and Publisher

Dr. Paulette Harper is an award-winning author, and self-publishing coach. For more than one decade, she has been teaching women how to change the narrative and turn those painful experiences into writing best-selling books. With over thirteen literary works to her credit, Dr. Paulette strives to empower others through the power of storytelling.

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