Digithy – Unlocking Growth for Startups Through Fractional Marketing Solutions

June 02 02:18 2023

Digithy is a growth marketing agency for startups that provides fractional marketing solutions without having to hire a full-time team of specialists.

Startups of all sizes can now take advantage of fractional marketing solutions provided by Digithy to help them scale and grow their business quickly and cost-effectively. Fractional marketing is a great way for startups to get the resources they need without having to hire a full-time team, which is often expensive or difficult for small businesses.

Digithy is run by experienced professionals in the marketing and growth industries, who have a track record of success in developing strategies to help startups reach their goals without breaking the bank. The team at Digithy can create custom digital campaigns and provide ongoing support with weekly progress reports so that startups can track their progress. They specialize in brand awareness and growth marketing, which involves developing and optimizing strategies to reach a wider audience, increase website traffic, and improve conversions. Digithy also focuses on creating content that resonates with customers and drives engagement on social media platforms.

Digithy’s fractional marketing services are perfect for startups who need assistance with their digital marketing campaigns but don’t have the budget to hire a full-time team. By offering fractional services, they provide the expertise of an experienced growth marketer without requiring a longterm commitment. Their skilled team can offer custom solutions that are tailored to each startup’s specific goals and needs, ensuring that they get the results they desire without breaking the bank.

Digithy’s team is passionate about helping startups grow and thrive, and the team is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional service. With a comprehensive understanding of growth marketing tactics, they can help startups increase brand visibility, attract more traffic and come up with creative ways to reach their audience. Plus, they use comprehensive reporting tools to measure success and see which tactics are yielding the best results for clients.

Startup Marketing Services

Digithy provides full-stack marketing services for startups, that include digital marketing strategy and execution. The focus of the agency is on customer understanding, which is what drives the creation of a tailored and unique strategy for each client. The name Digithy is in fact a combination of the words Digital (marketing) and Empathy, which is the core of the company culture.

“For years I’ve been working as a freelance marketer for different startups around the world. During those years I realized startups need a flexible and affordable plan while ensuring they get the marketing work done well from day one, which is not always easy when you hire someone new. Another problem was that startups usually need one single person to wear different hats, and seeing my design skills, that’s not always a good idea. This is why I’ve put together a team of marketers, designers, writers, and other marketing experts, to fill that gap and provide flexible and affordable services for all startups. The company was born from a need, rather than my ambition.” – Isabela Ingrid, founder of Digithy.

The company’s services include email marketing and automation, basic SEO, SEM/PPC campaigns, social media management, content creation and more. When it comes to the industries, Digithy focuses on Tech and SaaS, E-commerce, Education, and Health&fitness, but it happened that they had to help also companies from other industries which don’t focus much on Digital Marketing, such as the manufacturing industry.

Client success stories

Digithy’s growth strategies have yielded outstanding results for many clients. Recently the team has implemented a comprehensive growth strategy that included content marketing, SEO optimization, email campaigns and social media management, for a SaaS business. The results? The company’s website users increased by 28% in just one month, only through organic marketing, while website engagement increased by 45%.

Digithy completes its profile with a portfolio that includes case studies and work examples, and reviews from past clients.


Digithy is a growth marketing agency that provides startups with access to experienced professionals who can help them take their businesses to the next level. By offering fractional marketing solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs, Digithy helps to maximize a company’s growth, while being affordable, flexible, and ensuring expert execution.

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