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June 02 02:24 2023

A brief summary of how a business or private traveler can take advantage of many benefits the commercial airlines do not offer.

One can easily tire of the hassles and headaches associated with commercial air travel. To avoid these frustrations, private air charter may be the perfect solution. With private jet charter services, an air traveler can enjoy a variety of benefits that are simply unavailable when flying with commercial airlines.

The Benefits

–  No tickets, long lines, boarding waits, intrusive TSA checks, and the frustration and Inconveniences of being subjected to pat downs and body scanners.
–  The traveler creates the schedule, specifying dates of depart and return times
–  Luggage travels in private cabin, no checked in or baggage claim
–  Private planes can depart from any closest airport.
–  Access smaller airports that airlines cannot get into, possibly having the arrival point closer to the day’s destination.
–  Park the car a 2 minute walk from the airplane. No car parking fees.
–  Private air charter services offer greatly reduced COVID risk, as well as exposure to flu and colds one may catch in a more public environment like larger airport. By flying with only a small group contacts, exposure to these things is minimized compared to crowded airports and planes.
–  In a private airplane cabin, it’s easy to conduct a meeting en-route. Group conversation, documents review… all easily accomplished in a private environment.

Private jets can reach speeds of between 375mph and 523mph, allowing air travelers to get from one coast to the other in just five hours or less. Any other mode of transportation would take multiples of this time to achieve the same distance. There are turboprop and piston aircraft also available to address passenger counts and cost. There are even resources available help choose which aircraft would best fit a trip profile.

Private air charter can also help with urgent cargo shipments. A customer may have a line down and time is critical in receiving replacement parts or a service call. Air charter can solve this problem in the shortest time possible.

Private air charter is the very best way to get patients to the Mayo or Cleveland clinics for medical services. Transplant patients are told to arrive within a specified number of hours from time of notification, usually 6 to 10 depending on the type of procedure, and a private plane is about the only way to ensure that. Additionally, patients with less critical concerns  may not want to endure the time it takes to drive or go commercial.

In conclusion, anyone that places a high value on time, privacy, and safety, private jet charter is the way to go. With a plethora of available benefits , one can enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable travel experience that is tailored to personal needs and preferences.

Here are a couple of companies that provide this service. Both have been in business over 40 years. They specialize in departure in Michigan and the Midwest.

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“At our prestigious law firm, we have found that Aargus Air consistently provides us with exceptional service that meets and exceeds our expectations. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering a first-class experience is second to none, making them our preferred choice for private air charter services. With Aargus Air, we can confidently focus on providing our clients with top-notch legal services while enjoying a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.”

John V.L., Major Law Firm, Grand Rapids, MI


“As a local travel agent, I can offer our corporate travel clients flexibility in schedules, and often times significant cost savings by using air charter. Leaving and returning at precise times of their own choosing is very advantageous to some of our customers.”

Kathy D., Local Travel Agency, Grand Rapids, MI

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