Executive Chairman of the America-China Partnership Foundation: Chinese Modernization, a Gift to the World

June 06 21:33 2023

John Milligan-Whyte, Executive Chairman of the America-China Partnership Foundation

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Executive Chairman of the America-China Partnership Foundation John Milligan-Whyte is referred to as the “new Edgar Snow” due to his efforts in promoting the relationship between China and the United States. “China’s success speaks for itself,” Whyte said in an exclusive interview with Beijing Review reporter.

What China has done is [that] it has created socialism with Chinese characteristics and that has produced more economic development and social progress than in its scale and size and global impact in history. China has created a unique form of government that corrects the deficiencies of a lot of other systems of democratic and nondemocratic governments. It is called socialism with Chinese characteristics or people-centered government or whole-process people’s democracy.

A book written 2,300 years ago called Plato’s Republic, is the key to understanding China in 2023. Plato talked about an ideal human society in which a group of guardians were chosen based on their character and their abilities, to rule a society. To me, the CPC is like China’s guardian party. It created the People’s Republic of China and it has guided it in this tremendous economic development and in poverty alleviation. Out of 1.4 billion people, China has generated what Plato would call a philosopher statesman. What’s the difference between a professional politician and a philosopher statesman? The difference is you [the philosopher statesman] have an entire system of thought, which is called Xi Jinping Thought, which plans and it sets a mindset. [For example: Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, a compilation of Xi’s major works in four volumes, is a window through which to understand China and the CPC in the new era]. A mindset not only for [those] within the Party, but within the NPC and the CPPCC and amongst the 1.4 billion people. So you have a philosopher statesman leader. Now you have a philosopher statesman leader who imagines not only common prosperity for all Chinese and that’s socialism, but who imagines a shared future, a shared constructive future for mankind.

And this is what China’s modernization has presented a new way to modernize, what I call socialist modernization. That is a gift simply proving that socialism works in creating economic and social progress, gives 200 nations around the world, a different choice, that China is unique in providing that leadership for the world. An outfit in Denmark recently took a survey and they found that the people of China had the most trust in their government of any country in the world. And that is because they have seen the success of the Chinese guardian party in creating all this economic and social progress. So Chinese people are justifiably confident in what China has achieved and what its prospects are in the future.

The West is shocked that there is a new way to modernize, that it is soon going to be the largest economy in the world. So the foreigners are in a process of adjusting they had looked down on the Chinese, they had underestimated the Chinese. And the society, the civilization burned its boats because it didn’t want to be polluted by foreign influences. Peace through the strength, I think is the theory.

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