Interview with Wudi: Corporate Security and Community Collaboration

October 03 16:06 2023

Wu Di has been a notable name in China’s cyber security sector for many years. His tenure at Wooyun Web from 2014 to 2018 saw him focus on information security and risk management. Now leading Huoxian Security as CEO, a position he has held since 2018, he’s fostering new collaborations between corporations and white-hat hackers, with support from the likes of Dr. Lu Qi, a past executive at Microsoft. In this piece, we delve into Wu Di’s efforts to bolster corporate security through community collaboration.

Q: Internet security is a continuous service due to the emergence of various new types of issues. Apart from technical support, how to raise customer’s security awareness?

A: On one hand, companies should disclose security incidents they experience, allowing more internet enterprises to understand what is happening. On the other hand, the industry should also track and analyze various types of security incidents to help clients better understand what should be done.

Q: What expectations do the various participants have for the Dongtai IAST open-source release conference?

Participants in the DonggTai IAST open-source release conference anticipate that this project will further promote the popularization of security technology, strengthen cooperation among various parties, and jointly address a range of security challenges.

Q: How is Huoxian Security addressing the growing needs of modern enterprises in terms of DevSecOps?

Huoxian places emphasis on the evolution of DevSecOps, recognizing that modern enterprises must integrate security throughout the development and operation processes. To meet this demand, we have launched specialized products like the Dongtai IAST and are committed to continual research and development efforts to cater to the increasing demands of the industry and businesses.

Q: What challenges has Huoxian faced while advancing open-source security technologies, and how have they addressed them?

A: We encountered various challenges such as swift technological updates, evolving industry standards, and competition with other businesses. We managed to overcome these through tight collaboration with the community, continuous technological R&D, and partnerships with other industry leaders.


Q: What are Huoxian’s future plans, particularly in fostering new security technologies and concepts?

Moving forward, we are exploring and developing new security concepts and technologies, such as AI-based security protection mechanisms, to offer enterprises more comprehensive and advanced security solutions.

Q: How does the Huoxian security platform balance between business interests and community responsibilities without compromising its core values?

A: I am aware of the importance of balancing business interests with community responsibilities. To safeguard our core values, we prioritize the perspectives of our community, embracing the principles of openness and collaboration. Even in our commercial initiatives, we are committed to preserving the open-source ethos and fostering community engagement, offering rewards to the white-hat community to ensure its sustainable and healthy growth.

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