DEBRAND exhibited successfully in ‘PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO’, Crossover with ‘Liuwei Dihuang Wan’ won great praise, Chinese trend sweeps the world!

June 22 10:48 2019

DEBRAND was invited as one of the brands of 96th PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO Guest Nation section. Together with the centuries-old Chinese medicine Jiu Zhi Tang, DEBRAND developed a quite oriental series called ‘Multiple Trends Outlines’ inspired by ‘Liuwei Dihuang Wan’.

The bold and progressive style is favored by international media and professional buyers. Many fashion people in the exhibition also enjoyed taking pictures in the DEBRAND area. For the first time, DEBRAND has successfully made its debut, and has subverted the world imagination on Chinese trends with the Tmall.

Invited to PITTI UOMO and ended successfully

DEBRAND is always good at deconstructing the oriental culture into the current trend. Grasping the theme of this year’s Chinese Medicine, DEBRAND specially cooperated with the well-known Chinese medicine factory Jiu Zhi Tang with the capsule series to capture the overseas hipsters’ eyes. The fact was a really big hit. Different from the four fashion weeks, PITTI UOMO is more like a large party gathering global fashion bloggers and first-class brands. DEBRAND is exhibited in the unique Grotte of Florence Exhibition Center. The feldspar steps and red walls reflect each other and the color of the warm and jade makes the field produce a unique oriental charm. In this special historical cave, the atmosphere of Chinese culture is outstanding. Jumping out of the colorful exhibition area, DEBRAND Chinese medicine visual elements and the traditional Chinese medicine flavored sugar mixed perfectly. The complete interpretation of the new Chinese cultural connotation greatly hit every fashion people and won high praise.


New original oriental design finale debut

During the exhibition, Chinese celebrity Calvin Chen (member of Fahrenheit), Italian musician Ricko Schwartz and domestic fashion bloggers also fell love in DEBRAND’s 19AW Season ‘Multiple Trends Outlines’. Its unique design spliced thorns totem and Chinese buckle is selected by PITTI UOMO as the final look of the Nation China Mini Fashion Show. The laser-printed varnish printing on the jacket is matched with layered overalls, which highlights the sharp insights that designers have refined in Chinese culture, blurring the fashion boundaries. As the trend-setting brand in the special guest of PITTI UOMO Guest Nation, DEBRAND gained a perfect applause from overseas media and top trends for Chinese people.

Won the international consensus, DEBRAND layout global

DEBRAND’s wide overseas release proves its strong design strength and Chinese trend are bound to become an indispensable fashion trend in the world. Claudio Marenzi, president of the Italian PITTI UOMO, also praised Chinese culture for bringing up many energetic and creative designers. DEBRAND has also become one of the most competitive brands in global fashion banquet. The four-day exhibition was under a high-temperature 35-degree summer sun, but it is still impossible to smash the trend lovers who gather in the cool and fashionable fashion hall. Tens of thousands of fashion followers are in the hall, and DEBRAND followers can be found everywhere. Next, DEBRAND will continue to lay out in the global fashion cities, challenging and conquering the world’s discerning aesthetic vision, showing the Chinese pride.


Fashion old Chinese doctor visit back home, eagerly expecting DEBRAND limited series

The old Chinese doctor worked successfully overseas, DEBRAND will be in returning to China with the crossover series of “Liuwei Dihuang Wan”. Under the eager expectation of fashion people, the first stop will be located on the first floor of Guangzhou Zhengjia Plaza Pop Up Store. “DEBRAND Multiple Trends Outlines Medicine Ban” with its minimal white tone and traditional wood grain provides free fashion consultation service. Anyone who suffers from intractable diseases does not need to taste hundreds of herbs, just come to DEBRAND for a visit. Personalized dress up and taste proposition can all be satisfied, and some flagship stores nationwide are available for sale. We’ll also meet the need of overseas followers, searching through Tmall online and finding your own Chinese fashion. Everything starts from DEBRAND!

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