XAG will test the network through its Xrpalike Gen system in the near future

June 25 20:16 2019

After years of dedicated research and development from Xrpgeek team, the great XAG (Xrpalike Gene) will be tested through its Xrpalike Gene System in the near future. This team has been focusing on the practical data privacy protection of decentralized encryption of digital assets, and has been equipped with network mobile Stripe with real value for the verification of privacy data to achieve the results that everyone has an intangible secure self-banking institution. 

The majority of users have fully trusted the powerful and stable XRP Network Operation System, Xrpalike Gene has also given its fans with the absolute freedom to dominate their assets with no worries. In the initial stage, the operation mechanism will only be available to global institutions conditionally, with a total constant of 100 billion, a limited circulation of 5% in the first year (including energy saving loss), and an open price of $0.003. The circulation will be limited to 20% in the first three years (including energy saving losses). It has been set in the pre-arranged plan that after the distribution of 5%, the minimum price for free trading will come to $0.015.The team will review the introduction and operation plan sent by the institutions who are intending to operate in bulk, and make a reply on the operation details by email. ([email protected])

XRP is the type of cryptocurrency adopting XRP ledger. You can regard XRP as US dollars since XRP ledger is similar with the official bill, coin and currency of FED. The XRP ledger in charge of XRP is called XRP bracket protocol or XRP LCP. Like other distributed consensus protocol, a group of computers operating XRP LCP will determine if the transactions sent through the network are valid and will reach a consensus on the history of the ledger.

XRP might become a type of ground-breaking cryptographic asset in 2019. Established in 2012, with a total market capitalization of $40 billion, XRP at present is the third largest cryptocurrency network around the world. As the stably-operating blockchain network which has been aiming at solving the cost and speed of cross-border payments of banks, XRP has attracted public attention and has acquired a series of impressive partners, including PNC Bank in the United States, SBI Banking Union in Japan and Euro Exim Bank in Europe, etc.

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