Why Everyone Across the World is Choosing to Get a Quick Tan!

October 02 18:56 2019

A hurried pace of life has made it considerably more difficult to have the time to pick up a latte on the way to work, let alone take a vacation or get a manicure. The result of these strict schedules is that the many people who strive to look good every day of the week never seem to have enough time to do everything they want to do to maintain their appearance.

This was once something that was only the care of high-status celebrities, but there are many people in every city now who are in need of the same kind of high-gloss, professional look that used to be reserved for precious few. The reason for this increase in people needing to have that polished look is the appearance of the YouTube celebrity, among other online mediums. Having a channel in the media where people hawk their brand means always looking at their best. This has resulted in a much greater need for services that help them achieve those goals. It’s gone for many of these people from a “would be nice” to a “must-have”.

Enter in the one thing that many people look for when expanding their audience on whatever medium they’re on: the tan. The problem with achieving one, is time and money. Most of the people who need to have that certain look aren’t in the position to fly off to Hawaii so that they can relax on a beach for an afternoon and get a good tan!

There are also issues with the use of tanning beds. They’re not very quick and they are not all that different from being exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun. In the end, the safety of tanning beds is questionable, but too much exposure to sunlight is also bad!

So, people who need to have that tanned look, but don’t have the time are now opting for the alternative that best suits them: the spray-tan. This used to be viewed as a cheap kind of tan, primarily due to the earlier forms of spray-tans used twenty years ago. Today, there are clinics, like Gotham Glow, that have considerably more advanced and honed techniques they use to ensure that their tans look natural and give clients that certain, sun-kissed glow.

This new approach and new look to spray-tans have resulted in a resurgent interest in getting a tan quickly, easily, and without risking skin damage. As a result, many people from people on local to online media are opting to explore this burgeoning industry.

About Gotham Glow

Gotham Glow is one of the proud leaders of the international tanning market. They have brought their expertise and professional demeanor to produce results that bring a natural glow to all of their esteemed clients. Their approach is FDA approved and geared towards promoting health and wellness everywhere they are found. Gotham Glow is based out of New York, NY.

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