Kiril Mischeff’s FAQ page for wholesale dried fruits newly updated with more info for customers

April 30 20:00 2020
Kiril Mischeff has long been a renowned and trustworthy source of all kinds of dried fruit products. However, what shouldn’t be overlooked is the company also specialises in vegetables, pasta and grains, seeds, pulses, deli items, fish and even vegan and free-form products. Today, Kiril Mischeff is happy to give more information to customers regarding one of its most popular products, dried fruits, on its FAQ page.

UNITED KINGDOM – There are many food and beverage production companies in the UK. Sourcing and setting up supply chains and maintaining stringent quality control measures over ingredients only from the best possible suppliers around is paramount. But whilst there may also be plenty of food and beverage ingredient suppliers in the UK, there is one name that has always stood out: Kiril Mischeff. Kiril Mischeff takes pride in the high quality of its products, which are sourced only from the best farms and manufacturers around the world. For eight decades the company has strived to provide the best products to its customers.

Since its inception over eighty years ago, Kiril Mischeff has become a global source of food and drink ingredients and products. The team takes great pride in bringing forth new product innovations and trends in the industry as well. For any food or beverage company looking for the best food and drink products, Kiril Mischeff diverse range is a premium choice.

Today, Kiril Mischeff supplies a whole host of food and beverage products to its customers, including items such as fruit purees, canned fruit, dried fruit, fruit concentrates and juices and fruit juices. It even offers coconut milk and coconut cream as well as coconut water, which are undoubtedly more of a challenge to find in the UK. Apart from this, Kiril Mischeff also specialises in deli and fish ingredients, including meat such as canned pork, fish such as sardines, tuna, and pilchards, and other ingredients like olives, pickles, tomatoes, vinegar, soy sauce, and specialty oils as well as olive and vegetable oils, amongst other popular products and ingredients.

And now, Kiril Mischeff is happy to announce that its FAQ page for wholesale dried fruit has been recently updated as well. Customers can now take advantage of even more information regarding the variety and range of dried fruit Kiril Mischeff has on offer. Some of the questions answered on the FAQ page include how healthy dried fruit can be, how dried fruit is made, how long dried fruit lasts, and more answers to many questions.

About the company:

The Kiril Mischeff Group is an established and respected supplier and source of a wide variety of wholesale and bulk food products, from fish to vegetables to nuts and grains, seeds, fruits, deli items, and a whole lot more. To get to know its range of products, including semi dried tomatoes of the highest and most premium quality, visit the Kiril Mischeff website today.  

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