B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Services Are Fast Becoming the Go-To Service for Busy Professionals, Agency Owners and Solopreneurs, Seeking More Clients

June 30 23:24 2020

Why ​B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation​ Over Other Methods of Marketing? As more and more service-based professionals spring into the business world, offering various solutions to specific target audiences, the demand for lead generation is so high, that service professionals have been known to pay thousands per month for basic contact info.

Without knowing whether the lead is actually interested or wanting your help, people dive into marketing their businesses without truly pulling interest from centers of interest.

LinkedIn is the #1 professional business networking platform on the web, and provided you were trained on how to properly use it to connect with the right people, who then can fill the gap for you and allow you to connect with your ideal customers and Clients, through their networks, you would be able to rely on a stable source of connections and daily sales leads.

In July of 2019, Sky High Media, LLC a Local SEO ranking service company had only 13 connections to its name, and by chance stumbled upon a comment by Elisa B Bennett, whose profile on LinkedIn stated that she offered B2B LinkedIn lead generation services and coaching, and at first company owner, Marshall Adler, was like ​”Why would I pay you to teach me how to do it, I just want you to do it for me.”  But then after a few conversations about learning to network the right way, and how done with you can be transitioned easily to done for you with much better results than any done for you service provides, it made sense from a long-term ​”can do it over and over easily without needing help” ​ standpoint, so Mr. Adler went all in and while it took a few months for him to see lots of new connections on his profile, it was what happened two months after he had reached 2000 connections in September of 2019, on LinkedIn, that changed his life forever.

“I woke up one day to a consistent 3-5 HOT Sales Leads per day coming in pre-COVID and now even with COVID slowly letting businesses get back to work, and my business being ‘out of commission’ for the last 2 months, we are waking up to 5-10 per week, despite the times. And not only that but my 1st Degree Connections have grown from 13 to over 11,000 in a year!”

And Mr. Adler states that his rise to fame, fortune, and being able to consistently rely on quality connections, hot sales leads, and eagerness from his ideal audience to use his services, along with being able to provide month in and month out for his family of 5, is 100% due to the ​B2B LinkedIn lead generation ​services and coaching, offered by Elisa B. Bennett. Provided you’re a service-based business, Agency owner, or solopreneur, and you want to reach a wider audience, make more money, get deeper connections and build lasting relationships for referrals and ongoing business, there’s a lot of ways to do this, however, for the professionals who want to automate their lead flow and sales funnels, per what Mr. Adler has stated, and what so many others vouch for online, the ​B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation coaching offered by Elisa B. Bennett, ​ comes as the highest recommendation for all!

Learn how to connect with networkers who are open to chatting and networking with you about anything you do, and then master the techniques to properly connect with their networks to find your ideal customers, and then automate it all to work for you daily, to produce quality connections and HOT sales leads for your business, with little maintenance.

Despite being a one-time investment, having an optimized LinkedIn lead generation system in place saves entrepreneurs thousands of dollars in monthly agency ad spend and typically delivers much better results.  Visit ​https://www.elisabbennett.com/​ for more information on B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation coaching and services, to help your business expand and do more sales!

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