The perfect industrial flooring solution by UV Fusion eliminates stripping and waxing floors forever with certified Microban coatings

November 12 02:57 2020
UV Fusion provides the ultimate flooring solution to industries of all types, be it hospitals, warehouses, plants, restaurants or malls. Providing services to the wide region of Las Vegas Valley, UV Fusion is the perfect choice for a chemical, physical and bacterial resistant floor. The UV Hard Coating brings back the life of old concrete floors and maintains new concrete. The coating cures instantly to make the flooring traffic ready for forklifts and such machinery.

Las Vegas, NV – Operating within the region of Las Vegas, UV Fusion inhibits the bacterial growth, offers high resistance to chemicals and reduces physical abrasion. The UV Coating is ideal for the longevity of concrete floors, whether new or old. The Certified Microban UV Floor Coating, controls the bacteria growth, thus maintaining a neat and clean environment for the customers and employees alike. The UV Hardcoat removes the wear and tear of Vinyl and VCT floors. UV Fusion is the pioneer in the UV floor coating in Las Vegas, dominating the Las Vegas Strip of Hotels and Casinos. The reason being such a desired company, is that UV Fusion provides a premium quality product along with impeccable services.

UV Fusion makes use of UV Hardcoat, which cures instantly and causes no interruption in traffic. Moreover, UV Hardcoat is exceptionally easy to maintain and restores old-looking concrete or terrazzo floors to their former glory days in no time at all. Additionally, this process can be performed without any downtime, the UV-HS Plus is rolled on the floor followed by curing the floor with a portable UV light machine.

Microban is an antibacterial agent that is used by UV Fusion; this agent controls the spread of bacteria, mold and mildew. Aliphatic Urethane Acrylate offers a high level of abrasion resistance. The Microban minimizes bacterial growth, reduces stains, odors and maintains a clear and clean floor. Finally, curing the light with UV Light ensures long-term safety of the floor.

The professionals at UV Fusion make the process of treating the floor with UV Hardcoat like a breeze, applying the coating and applying the UV light takes little to no time, and can be performed simultaneously with the moving traffic. The Newark Penn Station in New Jersey is one of the busiest transit networks of Amtrak. Constant pedestrian traffic proved detrimental to its terrazzo floors. When the floor was treated with the UV Hardcoat Plus and cured with the UV Light, the difference could be distinctly seen.

The Bellagio Hotel and Resort, owned by MGM Resorts International, is one of the biggest casinos in the USA, which receives countless guests each day. This much movement of pedestrian traffic can deteriorate the quality of the flooring. UV Fusion recently completed the restoration process for a section of the Bellagio Hotel. This project proves that UV Fusion has confident in the products and services provided. Moreover, UV Fusion has also undertaken the project to restore the wooden and concrete floor at the New Virgin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UV Harcoat Fill Plus has been formulated to withstand the abuse of forklift traffic and support shoulders of control joints. Furthermore, the UV Hardcoat Fill Plus combines the exceptional performance with microorganism-control, preventing the growth of all sorts of mold and bacteria within the joints. The UV Hardcoat TLC with Microban brings new life to concrete floors by bonding with concrete substrates. UV Hardcoat TLC also blends and minimizes surface vibrations for a near-uniform, aesthetic appeal that prevents bacteria growth. With many completed projects, UV Fusion has built the reputation of being the best floor treating solution in all of Las Vegas.

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