ViroMasks Releases Patent Applied Next-Generation Face Mask With Swiss Anti-Microbial HeiQ V-Block Technology

November 12 03:00 2020
ViroMasks Releases Patent Applied Next-Generation Face Mask With Swiss Anti-Microbial HeiQ V-Block Technology
When there is an invisible enemy, invisible soldiers are needed. With two kill layers and a trap layer; ViroMasks ensures high level of protection against airborne threats.

Dubai, UAE – November 11, 2020 – The Covid-19 Pandemic has created a whole new facet to the Face Mask Industry. Many firms are just offering the decades old face mask technology, which is  outdated to be effective against airborne threats. To produce a face mask that is a game-changer takes new technology that is tested across the globe against a plethora of microbes. Test results here: All of the problems with existing face masks must be addressed and surpassed. 

ViroMasks out of Dubai, clearly has a better idea with their Patent Applied Face Mask. ViroMasks have a cup shaped design and has been tested against EN149:2001; the European standard for FFP2 masks; EN14683, ASTM F2299:2017 – Particulate filtration efficiency and ASTM F2102 – Bacterial filtration efficiency amongst other tests. ViroMasks and HeiQ V-Block both have been tested extensively across the globe in independent third-party virology institutes and laboratories with exceptional results. 

ViroMasks are reusable and easy to wash and can be used for up to 16-hours before washing. The mask maintains its anti-microbial effectiveness for up to 30 washes. ViroMasks are also light on your wallet when cost per wear is calculated. 

The manufacturing process is quality controlled and ethical. As ViroMasks are reusable and washable, the carbon footprint is much smaller than disposable masks while providing the same level of protection in everyday use. All technology and manufacturing have undergone lab testing and exposed to different threat levels. The mask is tested effective against varied degrees of viral and bacterial exposure. 

ViroMasks Unique Features: 

  • HEIQ V-BLOCK NPJ03 is very effective anti-microbial technology tested across the world. 
  • SILVER COMPONENT: Silver is proven effective to neutralize the viruses by binding to its Sulphur group. 
  • VESICLE COMPONENT: Targets the lipid envelope (membrane) surrounding the micro-organisms. Depleting the membrane of its cholesterol content thereby making it ineffective destroying. 

ViroMasks is now available in the USA via Charles River Apparel and their distribution network of over 10,000 resellers. 

During a recent interview, ViroMasks COO, Hammad Anwar, said, “We are immensely proud of our product and its safety features. The world is moving towards protective apparel and ViroMasks is leading that change. Having served customers in over 100 countries, ViroMasks is eager to help USA residents have access to the latest face mask technology. 

Barry Lipsett, President of Charles River Apparel says, “We have a working relationship with the founding team of ViroMasks for over 30 years. AMCO Apparel manufacturing is our key partner of growth. We are keen to be part of the team which has proven itself time and again to be at the forefront of this industry.” 

Consider this, ViroMasks has a statically charged melt blown non-woven fabric filter. Melt blown filters above 95% particulates in the air at 0.3 Micron level. Melt blown is the same layer that is used in N95 and FFP2 masks to provide filtration. 

  • ViroMasks Melt blown is statically charged.
  • Viruses have a slightly positive charge.
  • The filter efficiency that ViroMasks achieve is at par with N95/FFP2/KN95 masks through this filter. 

Antimicrobial properties are built in to protect the product. This product does not protect users or others against human pathogens including bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms. ViroMasks has its application pending in USA FDA to get the authorization for health claims. 

About ViroMasks: 

Founded at the beginning of the pandemic; as a result of research partnership between AMCO Apparel Manufacturing FZC and HeiQ Materials AG. ViroMasks is the world leader is reusable, washable, anti-microbial facemasks. With its mission of “providing more effective response to present day threats”. 

ViroMasks has signed distributors in over 10 countries, sold in over 100 countries, and increased its capacity of production by 1,000%. ViroMasks is one of the few reusable, washable masks with CE marking, produced under strict compliance with ISO13485 standards. Celebrities, politicians, and other notable personalities have been spotted wearing these facemasks. 

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