Novagen Now Offers World Class DNA Testing Services in Vietnam with 100% Accuracy

November 11 22:01 2020
Novagen Now Offers World Class DNA Testing Services in Vietnam with 100% Accuracy

November 11, 2020 – NOVAGEN, a leading DNA testing center in Vietnam is now offering a variety of DNA testing services using GeneMapper ID-X, the world’s best automatic DNA test analysis software for accurate results. The company’s stare of the art test lab uses the latest DNA sequencing technology to produce results within a couple of hours. 

DNA testing is an important requirement of the medical profession. But it also provides helpful solutions for paternity tests, Quantitative HPV tests, to find lost relatives and siblings, forensic services and to establish biological links for immigration to countries like the US, EU and UK. Furthermore, DNA testing is used for verifying blood relationships, important for the administration to grant birth certificates and the process of naturalization.

Meeting the demands of DNA testing and analysis services in Vietnam is Novagen’s state of the art DNA testing facility in Hanoi City, Vietnam. The company’s advanced and sophisticated DNA laboratory is managed by a team of medical experts experienced in the fields of molecular genetics, genomics, genetic analysis, biochemistry, and medicine. The team also includes members of the Asian Criminal Science Network (AFFSN); Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network (APBIONET).

An ISO 9001: 2015 certified laboratory, Novagen’s facility is the first of its kind to apply 7 loci testing technology in DNA testing. It uses the GeneMapper ID-X Whole Genome DNA testing and analysis software approved by a scientific council of laboratory examiners.  The DNA laboratory built according to world-class standards is equipped with the latest DNA analysis equipment imported from the USA, South Korea, and Europe. it employs a multi-system process of DNA extraction and analysis with minimum scope for human error. After double checks, every result is expected to be reliable and accurate to the core.

DNA testing services conducted by Novagen’s DNA facilities include a variety of applications focusing on blood DNA testing, prenatal DNA testing, genetic testing, and NIPT noninvasive prenatal screening.  Its testing procedures are fast and simple. Among the most common is a mouth swab that is sent for DNA analysis with results available within a couple of hours.

Novagen was established by Managing Director Dr Dang Tran Hoang, an expert in the fields of Molecular Biology, Genetic Analysis, DNA Technology, genomic research and next-gen sequencing system (NGS). He is a double doctorate PhD in Philosophy from Kochi University of Technology, Japan and a BSC in Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He is one of the pioneers in establishing world-class DNA testing facilities in Vietnam. Under his Aegis, Novagen has grown on to become the leading DNA testing center in Vietnam committed to providing accurate and reliable DNA testing results in complete customer confidence. With Novagen, it’s all about: Decoding Your Genes

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