YENMAK products are used in 90 countries on 5 continents

November 30 17:44 2020

With its production facility in Konya, YENMAK exports its products to more than 90 countries in 5 continents with the production of kit, piston, piston pins, rings, and cylinder engine liners and the supply of gaskets, valves, and engine bearings. Yenmak Piston Segman Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Erdoğan Kahvecioğlu gave information about the company’s founding history and its current position. Stating that YENMAK, which started production in a small workshop half a century ago in Konya, has been constantly renewing and developing itself every year, Kahvecioğlu said that they had become one of the largest suppliers of engine parts worldwide as an independent engine parts supplier in Turkey and abroad.


Expressing that today, YENMAK continues to its production in two factories, a head office, a logistics building, and a total area of 50 thousand square meters in Organized Industrial Zone in Konya, Kahvecioğlu said, “Today, YENMAK exports its products to more than 90 countries in 5 continents with the production of kit, piston, piston pins, rings, and cylinder engine liners and the supply of gaskets, valves, and engine bearings.” Expressing that they provide their products to the target audience in the shortest time and without any problems with their domestic and foreign dealer network, Kahvecioğlu said that since the establishment of YENMAK in 1965, it has been structuring on institutionalization, continuous stability, the best employment and investment in personnel, and it supports this understanding over time. He emphasized that it has become a brand in the sector throughout his country and internationally.


Paying attention to customer satisfaction at the highest level with production, quality, sales, and after-sales support units as a company, Kahvecioğlu said, “We consider our customers as a long-term business partner and with this awareness, we offer the ultimate trust, the best quality, all engine parts in a package with reasonable prices. In addition, YENMAK really values customer relations knowing that the human factor is the most important of all components. The sole purpose of the existence of YENMAK is to produce in order to be beneficial to our country, our nation, humanity, and the environment as well as providing economic benefit. Sustainability is indispensable for us and we continue to produce for this aim by developing projects that will provide permanent benefit.”


Pointing out that YENMAK has quality certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 16949, Kahvecioğlu said, “Most of the investments we make in our production facilities are environmentally friendly and environmentally sensitive investments. We are happy to receive documents that are recognized internationally. It is pleasing to be crowned with a quality certificate as a requirement of our work.” Giving information about YENMAK’s quality journey process, Kahvecioğlu continued as follows: “As you know, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is a management system developed to systematically reduce and, if possible, eliminate the damages that businesses give or may give to the environment. In essence, this system is expressed as a management model established on the basis of risk analysis, aiming to reduce the use of natural resources and to minimize the damage to the soil, water, and air. In the globalizing world, we are aware of our responsibility towards future generations and we try to fulfill our responsibility, with an understanding of production that respects the environment and natural resources. We must protect the environment, the world; and leave the world entrusted to us as more livable and clean to future generations.”


Kahvecioğlu, who gave information about the activities they carried out as a company, continues to increase their sensitivity to the environment and stated that they had implemented the ‘Environmental Management System’ and that they had achieved ‘environment-friendly’ standards recognized internationally with this system. Referring to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certificate that they implemented environmental management in accordance with international standards recognized by the world, Kahvecioğlu said that they aimed to have the title of “environmentalist” by minimizing the amount of wastes by more efficient use of resources rather than proper disposal of waste, by reducing environmental risks, minimizing the damage to soil, water, and air and by the development of environmental protection awareness. Pointing out that environmental problems are increasing on a global scale today and the importance of issues such as increasing the use of green energy such as solar, wind, biofuel, hydrogen, which are called green energy in the industry, has increased, Kahvecioğlu underlined that they believed that the protection of natural life was necessary for ecological balance. Kahvecioğlu  said “WE WILL CONTINUE TO PRODUCE WITH OUR STRENGTH FOR OUR COUNTRY”. Stating that they would work with all their strength tomorrow as YENMAK as they had done yesterday in order to contribute to the development and economy of Turkey, Kahvecioğlu added that they were happy that the company, which went beyond the borders of the country for half a century and has become an important player in the world market in the sector, contributed to the publicising of Konya and Turkey around the world.

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Yenmak was established 55 years ago by it’s founders Kazım, Mustafa and Fethi Kahvecioğulları. Through out these 40 years Yenmak that renewing itself continuously, paying importance to labor, Investment and quality and spreading its product profile to a wide area is continuing its wet, dry and air cooling engine cylinder lining and pistons for all types of vehicles.

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