The Secretive Self a business focused on empowering people to become successful in business.

January 01 00:10 2021
A six week course designed for individuals who like a fast-paced approach to long term business success.

Brady Cameron (a successful businessman), and Nicole Cameron (a former successful sales rep), a father-daughter duo, have created a brand new solution for individuals that are struggling to build their own businesses, or go further with the business that they currently have.

Brady, as a successful business owner, specializes in marketing, sales and overall business administrative success. As a former successful sales rep, Nicole specializes in client experience, client satisfaction and marketing.

In their company, they will focus exclusively on a customer base that needs help with taking the measurable and necessary steps to leave their 9-5 jobs, and step into the business world with a strong, supportive hand. The focus is extensively developed specifically for people who may be experiencing personal self blocks, limiting beliefs, negative self talk and who would like to become the best versions of themselves.

It is the truth that limiting beliefs, negative self talk, and personal self blocks are the typical reasons why someone would not be able to become the best version of themselves or create the business they desire. The reason being that it’s incredibly difficult for individuals to create the life they desire if they struggle with personal obstacles that won’t let them move into the uncomfortable zones in life. This is an essential skill people must master to create the business and life of their dreams.

The Secretive Self is a tool that people will have as their front line defense for building a successful business. Clients will be able to build their own toolbox and construct their own “best self” using The Secretive Self that we show them how to create:

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