Goldfields Group upgrades to cutting edge data security

March 01 00:06 2021
Goldfields Group upgrades to cutting edge data security

Goldfields Group has collaborated with a leading cyber security firm and spent a cool $2.4m on upgrading all of their data security to ensure they stay ahead of cyber-attacks in the future.

With some companies in the past having their databases infiltrated and all of their data stolen, this has alarmed many companies in different industries and for Goldfields Group it has triggered an action of upgrading their entire network.

With technologies continuously becoming better and faster, this also enables hackers to also have better access and routes for attacking information on the web. With heavy encryption however it is highly unlikely and very time consuming for people to obtain what they need.

With companies like Goldfields Group holding an array of financial information as well as hundreds of thousands of client information on their systems, it is a wise step to ensure that all of that is as safe as it can be. Not only do the investors and the team will feel more at ease with this upgrade, but more importantly the clients have peace of mind that all of the information they have shared with such companies is in safe hands.

Hopefully in the very near future more institutions and companies and even smaller businesses take the same approach and enhance their security so that everyone is safer online and all the data and information is kept as safe as possible. Goldfields Group has reiterated that once new technology for even more advanced security is operational, they will upgrade immediately as they take this subject very seriously and will always look to improve in this area to stay ahead of any possible threats or attacks.

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