Artisan Meat Lab Launches The Dry Age Bags For Meat Aging

March 01 02:50 2021
Providers of innovative dry-aging meat kit, Artisan Meat Lab, announces the launch of Dry Age Bags, a solution designed to help people to create custom dry-aged steak at home with ease

Artisan Meat Lab has continued in its pursuit of ensuring that millions of people across the globe have the most enjoyable meat experience with the recent launch of the Dry Age Bags. The product is designed with a special lab-tested, scientifically proven technology using a unique breathable membrane material to allow people to create custom dry-aged steak at home with relative ease.

Steak remains one of the most popular dishes worldwide, as millions of people worldwide try to create mouthwatering dishes. Over the years, several solutions have emerged to help people make steak from the comfort of their homes. However, many of the available solutions do not meet users’ needs, which is where the team at Artisan Meat Lab is looking to make a difference with the introduction of The Dry Age Bags.

Awarded #1 Food & Beverage Product Innovation at the NRA Show, the certified and lab-tested dry aging bags for meat allow users to achieve dry-aged meat flavor and texture in the private kitchen, food truck, or restaurant. Using the bag helps consumers to avoid the risk of damaging the meat, leveraging one of the simplest and most effective methods of conditioning dry-age meat at home.

The bag works by allowing the meat to breathe, release moisture, and exchange oxygen while preventing mold and bad odors, helping to preserve the meat while delivering that juicy feeling to consumers.

Each Dry Age Bags package comes with 3 pcs. Dry Age Bags 12×24″ as well as SealAid Strips, Start Date Stickers, and an easy-to-follow DIY guide. The bags are suitable for dry aging beef, lamb, and veal cuts of up to 18 lb per bag.

The innovative dry aging system has continued to enjoy rave reviews. “A fantastic gift for the meat lover! Who wouldn’t appreciate a dry-aged steak at home?” said Kristine Murphy.

For more information about The Dry Age Bags from Artisan Meat Lab, please visit – You can also find the Dry Age Bags across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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