Author Johnathan Goldsoul Launches New Book Titled Self Investment 101

April 05 15:21 2021
Goldsoul teaches people to invest in their skills to become valuable assets and a profit-generating machine in his new book.

Having financial investments for a better future is a good idea but book author Johnathan Goldsoul believes that investing in one’s skills is even better. To help people expand their knowledge and skillset, Goldsoul launches his new book, titled “Self Investment 101: How to Bank on Yourself to Become a Valuable Asset and Profit Generating Machine.”

In this book, Johnathan discusses self-investment from experiential, academic, and anecdotal angles. This way, people can see the benefits of how investing in their skills and turning themselves into assets can maximize their full potential.

Johnathan offers tools for true self-analysis and personal ROI measurement. These tools allow readers to redefine their concept of profit and revisit their personal inventory. The book’s originality and comprehensive approach provide readers strategies to create the life they envision.

Written in a conversational yet authoritative tone, the book is also separated into sections for easy reading. The book is also composed of varying actionable advice that makes it a combination of a self-help guide and a professional authority.

Inspired to win over life’s challenges, Johnathan created Self Investment 101 to help others recognize what makes them sets them apart, fine-tuning them, and monetizing those skills.

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About Johnathan Goldsoul

Johnathan Goldsoul is the author of the newly published book “Self Investment 101: How to Bank on Yourself to Become a Valuable Asset and Profit Generating Machine.” He is a freelance copywriter, accomplished songwriter, sought-after dance music producer, D.J., and formally a member of the Hip-Hop Duo, Double Vision (DV) with his twin brother. Overcoming life’s challenges at a young age, Johnathan now uses his life lessons to help others achieve their life goals and gain financial freedom. When Johnathan isn’t helping others achieve success or indulging in his creative endeavors, he can be found enjoying one of his many other passions. He makes his home in St. Louis, Missouri.

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