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April 24 01:49 2021

New York – Working with Franck Namani for 10 years, then with a major Italian brand, Rosy Girimonte discovered the world of true luxury, one that is free of ostentation, just like its followers.

For years, this Parisian of Neapolitan origin, known to her friends as nicknamed LaRose, has been able to establish contacts and maintain with her many French and foreign clients, who have trusted her for years.

Her passion and her culture of refinement have enabled her to be in regular contact regularly in contact with monarchs, heads of state but also with stars of all but also with stars from all walks of life and actors of the with which it maintains friendly and constant relations.

On the strength of the services, she has been able to provide too many of her contacts

Thanks to her extensive contacts, she had the idea of creating a concierge service that functions as a private club.

A small reference to her nickname, this much-closed club is called: La Rose Conciergerie

In order to satisfy her exceptional clientele, Rosy favors a precious proximity that greatly facilitates which greatly facilitates the processing of their requests. She accompanies her clients in the organization and the realization of their most incredible and tailor-made desires, needs or experiences.

LaRose conciergerie relies on an international and exclusive network of luxury professionals aiming to make all the most personal fantasies or dreams come true, with the only limit being the imagination of its clients…

It organizes, plans and coordinates all desires, whatever they may be and especially those that seem impossible.

Rosy systematically finds the best solution in all discretion and with exemplary speed, whether it is the organization of a sumptuous wedding in 10 days, the purchase of an exceptional property opposite the Eiffel Tower, a private box for the Mercato that is sold out, a medical appointment with the right renowned practitioner, the organization of a 36-hour round-the-world trip, the reservation of a private concert with a star of the song, a memorable meeting with a head of state or a film star, a guided tour of the city in a racing car driven by a F1 champion or a unique piece of jewellery for your loved one, and even a total makeover.


La Rose conciergerie does not only maintain privileged relationships with most of the great luxury houses or the most sought-after restaurants and hotels but also and above all, with all those whose personal telephone numbers are listed in its secret and exclusive directory.

Available 24 hours a day!

La Rose Conciergerie operates as a private club with an annual fee of the annual membership fee is 3000€.

Mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Telephone: +33 6 99 08 63 11 or +33 7 63 43 77 17

In her many activities, Rosy likes to find new brands and promising start-ups. and promising start-ups.

Eyewear… Such a useful accessory, which in recent years has become indispensable but also allows you to treat yourself.

One of her friends, Valérie Abbou, has embarked on the adventure of minimalist glasses “Made in Japan”.

September 2020, Giuseppe La Boria and Valérie Abbou, who have been in the eyewear business for over 30 years, decide to launch the first “Made in Japan” minimalist eyewear decided to launch the first collection of glasses in Japanese titanium: DANSHARI.

Minimalist, elegant and of high quality, this is what characterizes the brand, whose name evokes Zen thinking and has a deep philosophical meaning. The three ideograms that make up the word Danshari, advocate the rejection of ostentation, the abandonment of excess, and detachment from everything that is not essential.

This brand offers refined frames in acetate and pure Japanese titanium capable of reconciling the wearer of glasses with the natural

The brand offers refined frames made of acetate and pure Japanese titanium, capable of reconciling the eyewear wearer with the natural need for simplicity, aesthetic pleasure, reliability, and lightness.

The extreme quality of manufacture transforms a rigorous, minimalist, and timeless design into a true masterpiece of technology and masterpiece of technology and sophistication.

Danshari frames are designed to last and to satisfy the consumer’s true need through the care of every detail. the consumer’s true need through the care of every detail.

For the beginning of this year, the brand completes its collection with exclusively feminine models:

“coup de foudre rouge” collection
+33 684764392

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