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May 14 18:02 2021

New Delhi – May 14, 2021 – Independent researchers, innovators, college students, and academicians are always having innovative ideas, however most of the times either they don’t think of its protection or they are not fully aware of intellectual property rights. This group of intelligent people they don’t recognize that these are their intangible properties. Dr. Paresh C. Dave, Founder of IP Moment, said that they have also observed that many times this group of peoples is having budgetary problem, they do not have sufficient finances. IP Moment is always thinking to provide assistance to independent researchers, innovators, and academicians and IP Moment provides first step for all of them to further climb the ladder of success. IP Moment Services is happy to bring new service offering, SWIFTPATSEARCH.

The SwiftPatSearch is a unique innovative service offering of the IP Moment. The SwiftPatSearch will provide report with clear guidance whether one has to move further to protect their intangible properties by filing a patent application or not. In a technical term, it is well known as a patentable or a novelty patent search. However, IP Moment’s SwiftPatSearch is not a simple Patentabile or Novelty search reports, it is designed specially to cover the need and requirement of the group of intelligent people to fit into their budget. The SwiftPatSearch has unique features:

  • Quick Delivery – within two days
  • Quality report – the search will be performed by experts
  • Affordable charges – Guaranteed never heard of earlier
  • Expert’s comments on the possibility of patentable subject matter
  • Suggestion will be provided to improve the invention
  • Advising, whether other types of intellectual property rights require to protect
  • IPR consultancy will be provided
  • Discount will be provided for patent, trademark, copyright, or design application filing
  • Selected invention may get free #SwiftPatSearch Report

Details required from you:

• At least one page write up of invention

• The invention disclosure must not have copied from any other place

• The inventor must write up must provide details of the invention; please do not write background/history of the invention in detailed.

• If invention involves any apparatus or device, then may provide drawing.

• Applicability or usability or utility of the invention must write clearly.

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