Heroic Rhino, a next-generation-mentoring app for ambitious founders, is set to launch in October

August 02 11:21 2021
Brian Stroeh, founder and CEO, says Heroic Rhino is pushing to change the nature of how founders build successful companies by making it way easier for ambitious startup founders to team up and do business with highly skilled and experienced business mentors from all over the world.

Copenhagen-based startup accelerator company Heroic Rhino announces its global launch in October this year armed with a solid push to define next-generation-mentoring for startups and scaleups by providing founders with a circle of trusted mentors right at their fingertips.

“In the upcoming app founders will be able to create a board of their most trusted mentors. A seat at the founder’s mentor board is one that is earned by mentors who are genuine about guiding and who are willing to invest time and know-how in the startup journey,” says Brian Stroeh, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heroic Rhino. 

The company will unveil the Heroic Rhino app, in a bid to turn the tables on the traditional business mentor programs and sees the high percentage of failing startups as motivation for creating a new way around getting that vital guidance that the majority of founders need. Brian explains:   

“When 90% of startups fail, and when the top eight reasons are directly related to a lack of business knowledge and experience, then there is a need to close the gap on entrepreneurial failure. Every startup deserves a fair chance to get the right advice from mentors who have the proven experience, the willingness to give back, and the knowledge to do so”.

By digitalizing the founder and mentor relations in combination with a vast pool of vetted business mentors, Heroic Rhino makes it possible for founders to discover the right mentors for their startup instantly. 

Brian says the company seeks to lead the charge in creating successful founder and mentor relations which are easily obtained and long-lasting. By doing so, the company intends to strengthen the startup community and the future of innovative business.

With more than 400 pre-launch mentor signups, 17 different mentor categories, and an average of 15 years of business experience, Heroic Rhino will provide startups with a chance to attract skilled and vetted mentors and hence make smarter business decisions. 

“As startup entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to have a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction, and with the Heroic Rhino app, we will provide startup founders with exactly that,” explained Brian. “By attracting skilled and vetted business mentors, you will be able to make smarter decisions for your startup.”

Similarly, business mentors get the chance to gain instant access to the business leaders of tomorrow, gain business insights and get in on the newest trends on the market while helping startup founders. 

Brian stressed that even for experienced business people, it’s essential always to stay informed and have ears on the ground. 

Improving your business skills demands repetition, and with the Heroic Rhino app, Brian says mentors are just a click away from improving their leadership and strategic skills while learning from other vetted mentors by joining elite mentor boards.

Heroic Rhino already has +1.500 pre-launch signups and a Social Media reach of +3.500 followers with a minimal advertising budget. 

The company is driven by a tremendous passion for business development and is eager to be a global catalyst for entrepreneurial success.

Those looking to get free early access may visit Heroic Rhino’s website to get started. 

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