While Wildfires Rage, Helios Energy CA is Helping Homeowners Seize Back Power

August 02 11:51 2021
Southern California-based company leads with saving the planet.

As of July 2021, a total of 5,566 fires have been recorded in California, burning 458,429 acres. If that wasn’t bad enough, local homeowners have been plagued with frequent bouts of power outages as traditional utility companies scramble to minimize their own liability and culpability in the tragic reality that faces us: our world is burning, and our reliance on the fossil fuel industry surely isn’t helping.

Fortunately, there is hope for Californians who have grown weary from feeling powerless: solar energy. Across California, solar energy costs about 6¢ per kWh to produce on average. In comparison, traditional utilities burn fossil fuels and cost about 21.8¢ per kWh, up from 19.8¢ per kWh this time last year. You heard that correctly, and it’s worth repeating: solar energy is significantly cheaper than traditional electricity. In other words, Californians still paying Edison, LADWP, or SoCalGas are often paying at least double to rent dirty, scary, harmful, polluting energy from the fossil fuel industry, when they could save that money by owning their own clean energy system instead.

That’s exactly what Helios Energy CA has been helping Californians accomplish. Based out of Van Nuys, this clean energy company may be small and fairly new to the scene, but it offers a poignant opportunity to homeowners: saving money on energy costs, saving headaches from outages, and all while saving the planet.

Helios Energy CEO and founder Taylor Crouse started the company in 2018 but has been entrenched in the solar industry for nearly a decade. For him, this career has allowed him to serve a greater purpose. “When I first started this company, I decided that we were going to put our planet and the people living in it first, and hopefully eventually profit would follow. I figured, if we could make this world a better place, that should be our goaal – and everything else will work itself out.”

Taylor may have been onto something. Helios boasts 39 reviews on Google – and each and every one of them is 5 stars. Check out this one from just 3 months ago:

“I thought it would be too good to be true, but it’s good and true. These guys are great, made everything easy for us, and the entire install crew were super helpful, thoughtful, and great communicators. They clearly want to do a good job and make their clients happy. And now we have solar. It’s literally a dream come true. We never thought we’d be able to afford it, but these guys made it happen.”

In summary, with traditional electric, you get inflated costs, relentless outages, and increased emissions. But with Helios? Just dreams come true.

To find out more, visit Helios Energy’s website at https://www.heliosenergyca.com/.

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