New Venture Brings Social Outreach To Crypto Finance

November 02 01:52 2021
New Venture Brings Social Outreach To Crypto Finance
GenerateDAO is part of a new class of cryptocurrency-based finance products that offer extraordinary returns that are several orders of magnitude above what’s available in traditional finance. Additionally, they have decided to funnel a sizable percentage toward humanitarian causes.

Los Angeles, California – November 1st, 2021 – GenerateDAO is one of a new paradigm of high yield DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects that are able to achieve extraordinary yields through a process called rebasing. This process essentially mints new tokens as a reward for people locking their tokens in with the company – similar to a bond. The effects of dilution however are limited by 1) the exuberant demand for these products 2) a culture that embraces holding and exerts social stigma on selling. Thus, even though the overall number of tokens increases, the circulation remains muted.

However, what makes GenerateDAO unique is that it puts an emphasis on charity side by side with these high returns. For every ten tokens minted as rewards, one is diverted to a cause of the organizations choosing. Which cause? That is determined by a vote of the token holders, and so it will change periodically. A spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying “We wanted to create a framework to bring the power of blockchain and the power of DeFi to bear on a whole basket of problems. Of course, we can’t solve all of these problems by ourselves as just one organization, but we can help.”

The company founders believe that high yield finance alongside charity will strike a chord among the younger people typically involved with cryptocurrency. “It really aligns self-interest with our more high-minded concern for others. It marries the two,” said the spokesperson. And certainly, self-interest will play a sizable part in investors’ motivation. OlympusDAO and KlimaDAO, the projects that GenerateDAO is based on experienced phenomenal growth while maintaining astronomical annual percentage yields. OlympusDOA came out in March 2021. If you had held the $500 presale allotment, it would now be worth a cool $2.5 million. Similarly, Klima achieved a market capitalization of half a billion dollars during its first day of trading. The APYs for both projects have not dropped below 4000%. And the process is completely audited. Needless to say, investors are eager to see GenerateDAO launch.

About GenerateDAO  

GenerateDAO is combining the worlds of high yield decentralized finance and charity. With a predicted APY well in excess of 1000% (due to token rebasing, market demand, and a culture that promotes holding), interest is expected to be very strong.

To learn more about GenerateDAO, and to get updates, you can visit or follow them on Twitter at

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