Guangzhou MeCan Medical Offers High-Quality, Wholesale Medical Equipment

November 11 00:59 2021

With Christmas approaching, hospitals and organizations looking for high-quality and affordable medical and lab supplies should consider the Chinese supplier Guangzhou MeCan Medical. The company is a reputed wholesale supplier of a range of lab and hospital equipment, especially intraoral scanners, dental 3D scanners and electric wheelchairs that can be folded.

“Guangzhou MeCan Medical is pleased to present its range of fast, efficient and modern intraoral scanners and electric wheelchairs. Meant of modern facilities that want only the best medical equipment, we are a trusted global supplier who take quality and customer trust seriously,” said a representative.

The best intraoral scanners are in demand from modern dental facilities for taking direct visual impressions. These dentogingival tissue images and visuals of scanned bodies are then processed with software to create point clouds. 

The MCL-DP100P Intraoral Scanner supplied by Guangzhou MeCan Medical, is an advanced, accurate sensor for digital diagnosis and treatment. The equipment offers comfortable restoration to dentists and patients, ease of operation, accuracy of impressions and a multi-channel, true color 3D intraoral scanner images.

The 3D Intraoral Scanner is built as a fashionable intraoral scanner cart that can be moved around in the dental facility or clinic. Along with fast, real time video scans, the dental intraoral scanner also has open STL data export for a smooth transfer of images to third-party CAD/CAM platform over the internet with USB ports.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical is also counted among the leading hospital wheelchair manufacturers. A medical or hospital wheelchair is required to enable movement in case of injuries or disability, or by old people. The supplied wheelchairs are foldable, easy to operate, and incorporate quality wheels and seat, handrails, storage batteries, and a sturdy vehicle frame with pedals that can be dismantled. Designed for ease and comfort, the wheelchairs come with an advanced controller and operation system.

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