Multi-talented Artist Expands Empire With Upcoming Film Black Gold Of The Sun

December 02 21:09 2021
Multi-talented Artist Expands Empire With Upcoming Film Black Gold Of The Sun

Black Gold Of The Sun is a short film that tells the tale of Black people and their plight to be recognized as vital contributors to society. The documentary film takes a non-traditional approach and combines dance, spoken word poetry, and music. It explores real-life stories of Black people revolving around love, struggles, strength, beauty, and the future of the Black community.

The film is a brainchild of Mikey’s curiosity and hopes to shed light on the stories of the Black community that have been overlooked by mainstream platforms. In addition, Black Gold Of The Sun is unique because it is not a musical or a straight film format. It takes viewers into a different experience and journey, as if pulling them to join the featured individuals themselves. The cinematography and innovativeness of the film make Mikey confident that he will be able to cement his name in the film industry.

Together with choreographer Samuel Hill, Mikey hopes that Black Gold Of The Sun would redefine genres and produce an artistic harmony that blends forms of arts together. Mikey has also fostered relationships with Latasha Bell, creative consultant, and artist-entrepreneur Joshua Johnson, who are also eager to build a collective masterpiece to unify artists in Texas.

Mikey has lived and breathed art for as long as he can remember. Inspired by his father, who taught him to explore music, he expanded his interests into film, television, graphic novels, and comics. Mikey is currently attending the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports, and Management.

Mikey has always had a passion for the arts and using it as a language that unites everyone. Art for him can either be a tool or a weapon. He wants to help those who are using art as a tool to further their mission and go against people who are using art as a weapon to destroy others. In addition, Mikey also shared how his sister inspired him to pursue his dream of making a difference in the film industry.

“My sister dying in July really put things into perspective for me because she believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She gave me the motivation I needed to continue on this journey, especially in this industry. 

In five years, the multi-talented artist and filmmaker envisions Black Gold Of The Sun to impact as many lives as possible worldwide. He also aims to partner with mainstream streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Hulu, to amplify the stories of the people featured in the documentary to wider audiences, highlighting the narratives of people of Africa-descent.

“I hope that this film opens dialogues to be on panels to discuss the many troubles of African-Americans, but also how to build each other and create spaces for us to be free to create content that speaks to all areas of our lives,” shared Mikey. The artist is currently raising funding for the documentary film. 

Furthermore, Mikey aims to explore his knack for entrepreneurship by building a recording studio in Texas to help struggling artists and create a community of like-minded individuals. The studio will serve as a safe and open space for aspiring musicians and help them launch their careers in the music scene. 

To learn more about Mikey Diaz and his upcoming film Black Gold Of The Sun, visit his website

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