MAIPOR becomes the rehabilitation technology partner of the British CGF Intermodal Games

January 19 19:21 2022

On May 12, 2021, the British sports rehabilitation brand MAIPOR officially reached a multi-year cooperation agreement with the British CGF Federation, becoming the first official sports rehabilitation technology partner. MAIPOR will bring rehabilitation equipment such as MAIPOR X1 fascia gun, MAIPOR M2 fascia gun, MAIPOR N6 fascia gun, elliptical machine, etc. to cheer for the athletes on the field.


Massage can not only promote muscle relaxation and relieve tension, but also effectively eliminate pain, but it is obviously not feasible to find someone to massage after each exercise. Therefore, the appearance of the fascia gun can just meet the needs of sports athletes to deeply relax anytime, anywhere. need.

The metal massage head is a highlight of the MAIPOR X1 fascia. It is made of alloy material, which is a small innovation. The metal massage head can obviously feel more penetrating and more concentrated.

In addition, for professional fitness users who love running, swimming, cycling, and ironing for fitness, relaxing their muscles in time after a lot of exercise can quickly restore their state and avoid the situation of body soreness for a few days after exercise.

In addition to the rehabilitation equipment fascia gun, the MAIPOR rehabilitation brand has also developed home fitness equipment, such as elliptical machines, to meet your more fitness needs.

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