$MIKU Token Steals the Spotlight with its Competitive Tokenomics and Innovative Roadmap

August 09 02:19 2022
Built on Binance Smart Chain, and symbolizing the goddess of trust and loyalty, the $MIKU token entrances people with its exhilarating Tokenomics, distinct Roadmap, and features like MikuSwap, MikuLock, MikuNFT, and Mikuverse.

For a newbie industry to prosper innovative ideas and products must be ceaselessly augmented into it. The same goes for the newly birthed crypto world. This virtual industry is thriving and expanding at a supernormal pace. Each day new tokens, currencies, NFTs, and platforms are brought into existence. For these new products to flourish it is necessary that they either have something unique to offer or a complete package of features. Platforms offering a unique feature together with the basic existing features are bound to reach new heights in no time. Miku is one sublime token to recently step into the marketplace and is distinctive in the alluring features that it has to offer. 

A Brief Intro to Miku

Built on Binance Smart Chain, Miku is a token that has become the talk of the town with its alluring products and Tokenomics. The token depicts a blue-haired girl with massive wings that have descended from the heavens. Specially created for symbolizing the token, the girl has been bestowed with the title of the goddess of trust and loyalty. 

Enticing Tokenomics

The key to the sustainability and prosperity of a firm lies in its economic policies. Similarly, for any crypto platform to thrive its Tokenomics must have insightfulness. It is essential to consider the incentives being offered and the utilities of the token when devising a good Tokenomics framework. Miku has a well-thought-out Tokenomics that is based on the firm’s survival. Each transaction be it buying or selling has an 8% transaction fee. Out of this 8% fee, 4% is used in marketing, 2% in development, and 2% in Auto LP. This sturdy Tokenomics aids in upholding and ameliorating the supply and demand of the Miku token. 

A Well-Planned Roadmap

The roadmap begins with the launch and marketing of the $MIKU token. The firm together with its clients aspires to attain new heights with the release of this token. The roadmap continues with the introduction of Miku Swap, a swapping platform for the swift exchange of non-native tokens without the involvement of crypto-to-fiat exchange. This is followed by the initiation of Miku Locker and finally the release of 10000 easily identifiable Profile Picture NFTs (PFPs). This simple yet booming Roadmap is without a doubt the best of its kind. 

An Accomplished Team

The activities and progress of every platform need to be monitored and managed efficiently. For this purpose, Miku employs a team of experts to achieve the desired aims and goals of the firm. The team comprises Nobu Osamu, developer and head of marketing, Jay who is the community manager, Martin the head of product development, Braylen the developer assistant, Cryp Soln who is employed as a marketing assistant, Hat Monke who manages product and dApp development and 3 moderators. All these employees hold years of experience in their respective fields. Through the employment of such an adept team, the firm aspires to reach the zenith. 

Innumerable Accomplishments

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are two of the foremost websites used for keeping up to date with the prices of the crypto assets in the rapidly expanding crypto world. These websites operate by providing a basic analysis of the virtual currency market. Individuals keen on knowing more about the Miku token can access these websites as these tokens have been listed on these websites. Moreover, a live billboard has been established in the popular and buzzing Times Square. This billboard present in a major commercial intersection in New York is bound to attract an influx of clients. Furthermore, Miku is also supported by renowned billion-dollar companies from around the world like Space X and Atlanta. Like every other firm, Miku also needs an audit. The company gets its audit and support from Big Guy on Space. 

To sum things up, Miku is one well-organized project destined for greatness. Its enticing Tokenomics and well-planned roadmap together with a highly competent team make it an ideal choice for investment.

To get more information about MIKU, visit the project’s official website or all the social links.

About MIKU

Miku is a token built on Binance Smart Chain with unique product and tokenomics, a unique original character created as a brand, a girl from heaven with blue hair and the power of wings, the goddess of trust and loyalty.

Company: MIKU

Contact Person Name : Nobu Osamu

Website : mikubsc.com

City : Derby

State : CT

Country : Connecticut



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